The Pale Voice, Linda Bergkvist (2D)


Title: The Pale Voice
Name: Linda Bergkvist
Country: Sweden
Software: Photoshop

I’ve been fretting about posting this one here or not. I’ve received some critiques on posting only character work, and since this is yet another character portrait
I’ve put it off. However, now I have my Master and Servant entry for anyone wanting to see a little more than that, so I’m going to dare.
Anyway, this is a painting for a board game one of my best friends is designing – it’s just a pastime thing so far, but I think it’ll be neat. It’s based on the fantasy world I’ve had in mind for a good long while (Furiae) and this is one of the characters.
Anyway, here’s some background on the character –
It is a tradition that Gira, the first God of humanity, always takes a boy child as avatar… to be replaced when the boy reaches maturity.
Another God’s avatar remarked once snidely that “Gira chooses children because only a child or a dimwit would believe his lies”.
This is Samhan, now fifteen and according to whispers, soon to be removed from his exalted state as immortal. Taken from his family when he was ten years old, rumours speak of his tongue having been ripped out by the God when he screamed an insult in Gira’s face.
Others claim that Samhan’s voice is so lovely that Gira refuses anyone else the pleasure of its melody.
Above all, the painting is an exercise in painting fabrics. I took a clothes hanger and a chair, and I piled and folded and draped different fabrics over it, to get the look right. I spent
way, way too long, just detailing away at the fabric folds when, I know, I should have spent my time doing more meaningful things (like, brushing my hair, or taking the cat for a walk, ha ha)


im not into roleplays, so im not sure what this person does… a card or whatever.

Just want to say that I love the clothing design, your painting skills are great… lovely composition too… and i like the detail with the background, (if it is meant to be that) a blurry looking ghost of a face over the character… is that something with the voice to do? like you are giving the voice somewhat a unclear visual face - like dreaming


This’s one of the best drawings I’ve ever see. So real, so beautiful!
You have great talent!


Masterfully done as always Linda. That fabric looks SO real I could reach out and touch it.

Is the top of the chair the shoulders? Cos I cant help looking at that area and thinking there’s a chair under there! :slight_smile:
Is that another figure behind the main one thats just barely visible?

Great stuff Linda, and you really shouldnt worry about posting character stuff, if thats what you have done, then I (and im sure most people here) would love to see it.

PS. Im insanely jealous of your talent.



That’s what this artwork is… You say you ‘r’ exercising in painting fabrics, … well…

Your doing a AWESOME job!! :buttrock:


Perfect… as usual:applause:


beautiful in every way…:slight_smile: .

waheed nasir.


I just want to say your artwork is the must wonderful art I have ever seen
very very great


realy realistic very nice soft shadows and wonderful colours



amazing textures with the cloths, nothing to critic in that image


I saw this in your website like 2-3 weeks ago…and as usual it was saved in my hard drive…Lovely textures and look and everything…and…i’m still in love :love:


Beautiful play of light & fabric. The composition is read top to bottom at first, because of the scroll, however there is a bottom-up ascending quality to it that tend to shift the attention continuously upwards to wonder about the ghost and the space above the main character.

Many compliments,



Linda, I think your cloth is becoming better than your faces, and that’s an astounding measure of your talent. I love your characters and the mood they portray by themselves (most of them grace my desktop in an endless cycle!), but as you say, I’d love to see them fleshed out with backgrounds. The lack of background does give them a timeless quality which helps place them in any setting (ideal for the roleplay situation). A background would add to the character’s already stunning portrayal, but it by no means detracts from the work by being absent.


holy ****! that is awesome work. I always love your work linda, impressive! nothing to critic.


Wow! when you put your mind to something, you really do it! The fabrics look amazing and the character itself is so developed. You have such an imagination!

hey! is that a figure in the background or am i seeing things?





Nice… work you are the best…

Shadi Sabbagh


Linda, thanks for this whole new batch of things to think about. I, too, am a firm believer in taking “study” paintings seriously. I particularly like to point out elegant problem solutions to my daughter, who is just starting her 8th quarter at the Art Institute campus near us. She looks at your work, drools, goes off working on her next anime influenced (Myazaki and Kishimoto are two of the greater, current, influences on her work) piece, and your hints and lessons slowly percolate into her work. In case no one has told you this today, you teach almost as well as you paint.


I love his purple eyes :slight_smile:

And you did a great job on the fabric, the pattern is beautiful. The part at the very bottom doesn’t look quite as realistic, the way it sort of flares out on the sides a bit, but it’s very minor.

Eeeeek, having one’s tongue ripped out must be painful T__T


Eparts – Thank you - and glad you saw the character in the back. I’m going to leave it open to interpretation, though, I don’t like to nail things down.

BlackBastet – Aw, thank you :]

ANARKY – Thanks! I’ve been wanting to focus more on clothes for a while, and I think I have with my last few paintings (especially Ladies of London and this one, and, hm, one that I can’t show to the public). The ‘shoulders’ of the character would be a clothes’ hanger strapped to the chair, so yes and no to that question, and yeah – there is someone in the background. It’s funny because if you look at the boy’s face, the background character is far more visible than if you stare right at it.

MichaelMotion – Aw, thankee :smiley:

<bartek> – Thank you :]

waheednasir – Whee, thanks! I love your work, by the by.

Abourabe – Thank you kindly :]

Tomas Slobodnik – Thank you very much :] I was very uncertain about the colour choice… afraid it ended up as too much pink (I have a phobia regarding pink), but I guess it works :smiley:

Rizo – Thank you! :smiley:

Mysterious X — Heheh, you’ve been sneaky and caught it at the site :} I’m glad you like it!

Ashakarc – (I hope I spelled your nick right) Thank you. I thought a lot about how to compose the space of the picture - at first the painting was much wider than this… but I ended up liking this version better with its up-down flor.

Erilaz – heeh, thanks. I’m trying so hard to bring the textures of fabric into my paintings. It’s not easy. Faces, I’ve painted all my life, but clothes I always did tend to skirt over in quiet panic. And you’re right - I should do more backgrounds, but when I do portraits like this, for a game for instance, the backgrounds won’t just slow me down but be distracting in the small format. This picture will likely just show from the elbows up anyway :[ Thank you for your thoughts!

Digitalhadz – Aw, thanks :smiley: :smiley:

Bao – Thankee :} And no, you’re not seeing things… but whee, I am so happy that people aren’t too sure if there is something there or not. Means I did it just discreetly enough for the purpose. Yay!

Shadi – heheh, lots of ‘nice’ there :smiley: Thanks!

Keight – I am so glad to hear that, you have no idea. That’s how I worked when I was about that age, checking out things I loved and then trying to incorporate them into my own pictures. It’s a good way to learn. Thrilled I can help :]

Peachysticks – Thankee :} Would you believe I had contacts that exact same colour when I was younger? snf I miss my lilac eyes. As for the bottom of the picture, you are so right. I should have worked more on it but lost heart for the picture - most pictures I can only remain interested in for so long, and then I need to move on to something else. By the way, absolutely loved your dark elf. Glorious.


hey linda,very soft color in this image…and her expression is very lively…great work~_~!!!