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Rendering done in messiah for a contest. Not really finished ( ground, rocks/ground transition, sky ), but I like the style and the mood. It was done the last 10 days during my spare time.
Navigation/interaction in messiah viewports was a pain…


Looks pretty good!
One thing that bugs me though is the scale of the bump on the mountains, specially the ones closer to the camera, it makes the whole image look to much like a Bryce rendering.
The ground looks good, but the sky is to CG looking.
And the facility on the rocks needs some to be eroded, too sparkly clean to be in such environment!
Maybe some DOF woudn’t bother either!
These minor changes and the image could become so much better, but it’s looking good already!

Keep it on!


outside what has already been noted… :thumbsup: keep going.


I really like that blend of colors up through the horizon and sky. The colors dont look realistic, but, I think thats what I like about it, something about the intensity and richness looks very interesting for a horizon.

Whenever I see a real horizon that has deep hues like those, its always pinkish, light blueish in the evening. Its kind of refreshing to see something that is fantastical.

Did you use painted skies or particle/speeHazer?


Awesome!!! Hats off to you :thumbsup:

I think my only crit would be…

be careful with the sharpness/details of the mountains… you’ll lose a sense of depth/distance when the objects are seen too fine/detailed… add a little touch of blur … go for depth… it’ll make this fantasy world look realistic and enjoyable…

… but other than that… YOU ROCK! :buttrock:


Tks for the comments guys.
Have you some examples of some “bryce” rendering that looks like that? Actually I dont try to render a realistic image at all, I prefer a cartoonish look here. Its true that the overall scale isn’t obvious in the image, but that’s not really bad for this style. The scale of the bump is not the problem for me ( I am a big fan of noisette too! ). I think that a transition ( vegetation,small rocks…but its hard to get a precise control on the location…And I havnt find a good solution with particles with a good render time ) is needed between the rocks and the ground ( in the foreground mainly) and also more elements on the ground. More details are needed in the sky too ( which is a blured hdri photo with some rough paint over in photoshop ). Speedhazer is used for the ground level but only in depth mode( volumetric rendering is ultra slow at the moment ). The image was quickly done and I am happy with the result. It was a great pleasure to work in the shader tree.


And yes I should decrease the intensity of the bump over depth ( in the foreground mainly). Theres already a little bit of blur but maybe thats not enough. I should take the time to step away from the image for a while, it helps a lot too.
BTw theres some LOD in the modeling ( but not in the bump ) process in relation to depth.


originally posted by Labuzz
Have you some examples of some “bryce” rendering that looks like that?

and there’s many others in the gallery section!


Tks for the link Rago. I want to say something about silhouettes in the foreground. The fact is that I have lost some of the sharpness/volume in zb ( bad manipulation -> delete hidden) and there’s no displace on one of the main foreground pass ( buggy messiah…). I have not had the time to render it again.


Looking forward for the update!
How about the facility on the rock can you give some description of what it is, it looks an interesting futuristic construction, as I said before i could use some erosion on it’s materials, but maybe that’s the effect you wanted for such device!

Keep going!


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