The Opera Royal de Versailles


Hi every any, my name is Shkelzen Kernaja i have show one of my work i have create for NVArt - Surreal: In the style of Jacek Yerka, my work is called ‘The Opera Royal de Versailles’ which is the main theater and opera house of the Palace of Versailles. I have show some famous building in the image for example grate wall of China, something similar to Petra in Jordan, Labyrinth, the entrans of Greek Building style, Sahara and many fantasy work. I try not to losz the style of Jacek Yearka, i used the colour table which Yerka used in his paintings in my work i used bright colours and dark colours because for bright colours did have any diraction of light which is coming from, same thing for dark. I have 52 PrtSc wip, I hope you will like my work many thanks.

Comments are welcome.


This is a large image of this work i now is hard to see the image which i have poste but here is it a large.




Very nice work Shkelzen, i really love the whole concept. Seems like you have a combination of beautiful outdoors mixed with amazing architecture. Great stuff. and good luck.


Thank you very much for you coment and i am happy you liked my work FulanoDeTal, thanks.

I like to show some WIP

1st i did a sketch first in traising paper.


2d Sketch

I am showing some of the sketches.


very good idea I like it good work

My NvArt


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