The Old XSI FKIK Solver should be industry standard


I don’t understand why for the life of me why Autodesk hasn’t incorporated this into Maya considering they own all of the code: (yes, I know GREED…even still it should have been the first thing added to Maya after the acquisition of Softimage/XSI all the way back in 2008)

The level of integration (It’s just built-in without any additional set-up necessary because it was never an after thought), the elegant and straight forward implementation of the IKFK blending, the fine control of joint positioning/rotation it offers for animation or static posing is unrivaled in over eleven years from when Softimage was acquired and however many years before Softimage was acquired and the IKFK solver was in active use in XSI. Akeytsu is the only tool that approaches this kind of fine tuning and you have to add a layer or multiple layers depending on your needs to do it. I personally would care if it was set aside as a completely separate solver if it creates computation problems with other systems and just cache the joint data to un-rigged analogous skeletons to move forward in the pipeline, but it should be in there.


Umotion pro for unity has on the fly IK/FK Blending

And iclone pro does also
With animatable reach effectors and constraints.


Both of these seem far more cumbersome to set up then the XSI solution which, puts them on par with the rest of better IKFK blending solutions, but it’s good to know they exist for the specific industries the tools are designed for.


Just when you have convinced yourself that you have accepted the premature
MURDER of XSI you see that video and the rage boils up
anew :frowning:


The new MotionMuse tool does this for the entire skeleton using a state of the art IK solver, although it does not have IK/FK blending. Have a look at the quick and dirty animation

The tool is currently in beta and free to download at:


That’s looking very good. I’m definitely going to check in to it. I do kind of wonder if this is Russian software that may spyware/malware since it seems like a lot of smaller 3D software getting released from Russian developers and even though I may be jumping to conclusions the sudden expansion of these developers/publishers doesn’t seem completely organic.


Hope you find it useful. The Software is not Russian but Indian ( ), it uses these research papers with heavy modifications to make it faster and more user friendly along with other techniques.

It is definitely a lot smaller and limited than larger solutions but not a spyware / malware. Check for it by scanning it using anti-malware / antiviruses.