The Octopus World, heri irawan (2D)


Title: The Octopus World
Name: heri irawan
Country: Austria
Software: Photoshop

Hi Everybody,
This is My NVArt-Surreal Image Entry.“The Octopus World”
I created the world from the octopus which’s connected to the normal population or city,in this image everything was connect by have to see on the big version for that.

it was quite hard to adapt his style,Jacek Yerka is absolutly amazing artist his picture is rich of details and imaginations

some details
cc are most welcome


Masterful!!! I love colors, idea and style.

5 awesome stars for me!!


Looks like you took the time to study the style as well as come up with a decent concept worth tackling but all i’d like to ask is despite how wonderful it was that you captured the artists style what is there that reflects your ideas about art. Not a crit mind you just a simple question. I’m interested in your interpretations.


Great work !
You perfectly adapted the very “clean” rendering of Jacek Yerka’s picture.
A lot of lovely details.
I have a little problem (very little ^^) with the perspective of the front buildings … under or over the sea ? ^^
Nevermind, it’s an impressive work :thumbsup:


hi mario,Thank you my friend

Hi Morenike
it was hard to adapt style from another artist and also doesnt feel good because you now that is not your own style but it was the rule for the challenge,you should adapt the style from Jacek Yerka

in the begining i was making really different(my own style) you can click to follow the thread

but everybody was telling me that is not Jacek yerka style.
thanks for asking me question

hi papaninja,
Thanks for your constructive comment.


Wow beautiful style…no crits!!

You are a machine producing such great work after great work!!

I love the style and clean look, great details, keep it up :slight_smile:

  • Ty


hi Irawan,excellent work,i like everything about your image


Very beautiful image. I love it.:applause:


Hi TyroneMaddams,Thanks. the weather is not so good here,better stay at home and drawing.

Hi Diisar, I am happy you like it.

Hi Felideus, Thank you my friend!


Heri, wonderful as ever, always fun to watch your works my man, there is always something in it…something which never disappoints me, way to go my friend…keep it coming…:thumbsup:


I followed the contest and i dont remember this entry, you made it on time?..

Cause this is stunning work, i can’t believe i missed it, or that you didn’t get a mention at very least.

Amazing work realy…details, nice composition, line work, light…all perfect.



Wow. This is excellent. Did you finish it in time for the competition? I don’t remember it either.


A very different look from your usual work Heri, but you pulled it off brilliantly! Great stuff!


I love it to, but. I would like to know how did you do to show in detail, the image, if somebody answers to me, give me a favour.


Sorry for my english, :thumbsup:


Interesting idea ! i like this wonderful city and wish one day i can live in ! haha ~


Stunning image. Don’t know how I missed this one in the NV challenge.


thanks to all!
i was submitted the image one day before the deadline.


Brilliant work! Save image! :beer:


you seriously did create a super world! fantasmic dude! :applause:


That’s very interesting, it would certainly be great if such a place exist in real world :slight_smile: nice concept and very well illustrated too. Great stuff!