The Nobel Prize goes to Kip Thorne, the scientist behind Interstellar


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…AND two other folks, namely Rainer Weiss and Barry Baris.
Believe it or not the center of the universe is not VFX… :slight_smile:


Thanks for the addition!
I absolutely believe and that’s why I left VFX and studied earth sciences. I’m back and my conclusion is now that the Earth is the center of the Universe :wink: … at least for us. There are no spinning black holes here, but spinning hurricanes are also very interesting - and actual - phenomena among others, and we have huge amount of scientific data and knowledge, ready for depitction. Thus, I started earlier sciVFX, to inspire and inform scientist and artists, details are in this forum thread (with a quote from Kip Thorne):


A very wise decision.


“the scientist behind Interstellar” has me cracking up, here. There’s absolutely no physics in the entire film that is done correctly. Not one single thing, including the VFX collisions. This Nobel Prize is further proof that physics was murdered in Copenhagen in 1925, and movies like this just make things worse. Lunacy.

Sure, we can celebrate the VFX achievements on their own merits. But if you actually think there’s any physics in that steaming pile you’re lying to yourself. You’ll believe anything.


Surely you do realize, I mean you must realize, that he didn’t receive a Nobel Prize for his contribution to the film Interstellar, don’t you? Try reading the article, it will clear up your confusion, and hopefully restore your faith in physics, and possibly even calm your rage.


Oh, I’m fully aware of the entire Lie-Go project, and the massive fraud it has been from day one. BICEP2 was dismissed as easily. Gravity doesn’t move in “waves”, and there’s no gravitons to wave in the first place. Four lasers bouncing in tunnels isn’t an indication of anything, especially not some farcical, fictional events (black holes “colliding” four billion light years away?). It’s a sham.

Gravity is an acceleration, not a wave of particles. Particles can only be repulsive, not attractive, and they require time to travel - whereas gravity is instantaneous. The Earth doesn’t wait eight minutes to feel the sun’s gravity like it does the sun’s light. When you jump, gravitons don’t magically pull you back down, you were already accelerating down the entire time.

This is pipsqueak fake science and the Nobel Prize is bullshit. I’m not enraged, I’m just educated.


Hahaha, ok.