The Next Rembrandt Computer Program Creates A New Painting


So it’s technically not a true AI, but one can imagine that such a computer program becoming one. A computer was input a series of data; from scans, photos and etc.; of paintings by Rembrandt, that it analysed and created an entirely new painting based off Rembrandt’s work. It basically took all the proportions, style, colour and etc.; to produce a painting that has the aesthetics of a Rembrandt. The painting was 3D printed and data from height maps from paintings, created the oil painting look.


Although not exactly an AI, but I can’t help but feel unnerved, maybe it’s the whole AI taking over everything, “the art apocalypse is coming and robots are taking over”, sorry just had to say it :smiley: . I totally understand that it hasn’t, and may never will in my life time, create something truly original, but you can’t help but feel that this is creepy. Of course people should embrace technology, but I don’t feel it should replace a human painting, simply because art shouldn’t be pixel perfect for every single stroke.


What was easily the work of ONE Rembrandt artist… or any ONE concept artist today… was transposed into the work of 10 people + A number of computers + a special 3D printer…Good job. :stuck_out_tongue:

They basically just used statistical image comparison to figure out a “Rembrandt-like subject” and crunched out how to generate a “Rembrandt-like result” by using data from actual Rembrandt paintings.

They didn’t create a Robot Rembrandt, they created a Rembrandt Curator and Feature Catalog.
The real innovation here is that one 3D printer and the Image Comparison/Image Recombination software.


Meh, overhyped