The Next Level


I’ve been studying artistic anatomy for about 2 months. I have been making progress that I am pleased with and also attending life drawing sessions from time to time. However, I am teaching myself and am now looking for projects beyond what I’ve already been doing. I spend time each day reviewing anatomy and copying from an anatomy for the artist book. I’ve also been doing master copies and studies. However, in the near future my schedule is going to start to open up and afford me more time to practice. I am therefore curious to gather suggestions on what I should do to help myself get better. I plan to start an ecorche and am also looking for other things to work on. Should I be working on my own ideas at this point? Going back to fundamentals? Keep on and do more of what I’ve been doing?

You can find my anatomy thread here:

I have also been participating in the Anatomy Dojo thread.

My eventual goal is to apply to a school with a computer graphics program and try to get a job in some related field involving digital art. I am focusing on more traditional art because at this point in time the schools I am looking at only accept portfolios of a classical (life drawing, 2d) style.

Thank you for your time and consideration


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