the next challenge will be...


Clasical self portrait…


woww…when will it start??


Sounds very interesting. I definitely think I will participate!


so like modeling a classical sculpture with your face/body in place of the actual one?

or modeling a classically styled sculpture of yourself?..

i may be able to find time to come in and have a go at this one…as the course is winding down/finishing and i have some new zbrush skillz to flex…


The first one is the one I had in mind…

I just need now to come up with a list of sculptures we can use.


is it possible to include paintings?
plus, what if your sculpture is some sort of Adonis and your not! Will it be a head transplant or total body change as well?


What are you talking about? The David is already a self portrait of me! :smiley:

Cool idea Roberto. Will this be going concurrently with the FXWars?


Yes, But I will be givng the FXwars A LOT of time



Yeah why not


Wow, wasn’t expecting this one. Pretty cool idea Roberto. Looking forward to seeing the full guidelines and official rules. Question is, do I keep my long hair or cut it for this?


Finally! A chance to see what I would look like if I were a woman! :stuck_out_tongue: J/K of course.

Sounds like a fun idea.



I am just starting to have time to come on here, so this will be my first challenge - sounds cool!



but shouldn’t there be some rules first? Now a few peeps can have a head start at this challenge.


i think i’m in


This sounds fascinating.

So something like the Painting from Ghostbusters II or the old cover from To Hell With the Devil.

Oh wait, I remembered that album cover differently in my mind. That is not quite the style I was thinking of. :smiley:


i guess we’ll have to wait for the official rules huh. I have a hard time choosing what to do cause it’s unclear if it can be anything in a classical style, of has to be something really classical.

makes it exciting doesn’t it.


Very exciting, I already know what I want to do. A holdover from the Louvre competition I didn’t choose. I’ll need to rethink if we are limited to a select list.


If there is a list I hope it includes the self portrait of albrecht durer because I already look like that. Or perhaps Jesus.


:smiley: Ok we go live on Monday.
Until then keep the list coming.



Well, how about anything from the Louvre or the Met.


i’m considering doing this…i do realise i’d be recreating myself as lucifer though…lol…but with a better body…so there’s a plus

i’m finding it hard to find pictures of good sculptures…i just find myself typing “scultpure of such and such” into google images…

anyone have a good website?