The next challenge will be...


Lets just say that it is so hard I don’t think we will be getting a lot of entries…
And BTW we have never done anything like this before.



Hard? That’s a good thing. =]



is that the best way to run a competition ?? :wink:


I’ve never really thought of this as a competition, more an exercise to help the members improve by either taking part or in following the threads of those participating. Besides, how much can you really improve by taking on only those projects that you know you can do well? Why not push yourself with something that might at first glance be too tough?

Besides, it isn’t the Hardcore Modeling Competition, but the Hardcore Modeling Challenge:wink:


i like a challenge…30 models in 30 days was a challenge…this sounds much worse…which is excellent…


fair point, but technically if you run an event in which the result is decided by a public vote, and a winner is declared, then surely its a competition …

anyway, hard is fine by me as long as there are equal opportunities for hard and soft surface modellers …


Funny that you mention that…



My guess is that it will be all hard surface. Right, Roberto? :wink:


the 30 models thing might have been cool as hardcore building but hella boring to create :stuck_out_tongue:

Plus totally useless for most portfolios :\

Looking forward to see what’s in Roberto’s head.


Trust me if you guys finish these models they will be portfolio pieces…


Come on Roberto tell us :bounce:


I cant because I dont want people to start modeling now…

But I would suggest to subscribe to this thread…
On November 1st I will post the topic.
that way people can start looking for reference…And trsut me, that part will be QUITE HARD.



Just finding reference is going to be hard?

…I’m not at an advanced skill level yet but hell this has me wanting to try it just for the hell of it. I’m in even if mine sucks.


My guess I reckon will be Transformers. I would totally be in for that. Even if it’s not I love these challenges even though i haven’t completed any of it. lol!


Ya i also have tansformers in my mind as a posible guess for the next challenge. I hope thats true cuz id love to work on it :slight_smile:


i have transformer makin experience…which might just come in handy


We will do Transformers eventually , but it is NOT the next challenge.




I can’t wait 'til november 1st!!


sounds fun,

but i’m a little confused: is it the habit of havind 2 challenges at the same time?
I just checked the current one and looks like the end date is the 17th. Or am i reading the wrong info?



You are completly right.

I just want to give a heads up to our regulars so they can start seeking reference.