The next Challenge...Lets talk


Ok guys what kind of challenge you guys want to do?



Well, I know that you guys just did a cut-away challenge, but it was such a cool concept. However, it seemed to primarily be centered around purely mechanical/non-organic objects. So how about you go with the same concept of the cut-away, but for organic/living organisms? Could be humans, animals, plants (kind of boring, but could be interesting), aliens, whatever. Would be somewhat reminiscent of all of those nature/animal books for kids, or just medical literature, and it would most definitely be pretty hardcore in terms of the difficulty.

The only other thing that pops into mind is musical instruments, but again, sort of boring.

Either way, I’ll be watching (much too novice to attempt one of these myself)


I would like to see something more related to imagination than a real thing; making aliens could be interesting. Something like: what kind of animals could live in a specific planet, like Pluto, or Saturn, I don’t know.

Or those speed challenges, like the 30 days 30 models, that one looked cool.


I thought you had a list, just pick one of them! They all looked really cool :slight_smile:


Here are some of the topics I promised for this year…

Master Tributes…
Master human anatomy studies like (Human body…Cutaway)
Collab projects…
Master Sculptures…
Classic Sculptures…
Filmmaker Tributes…
The return of 30 days 30 models…
One week challenges…

And honestly I am leaning towards doing Classic Sculptures…

[li]HCR MOD: Treasures of the MET[/li][/ul]or
[li]HCR MOD: Renaissance[/li][/ul]We could do:
[li]HCR MOD: Cutaway/Human Body for a later challenge.[/li][/ul]

Something like


I’d like one of these,
~ HCR MOD: Renaissance
~ HCR MOD: Cutaway/Human Body


Renaissance is fine.

Here are some more topics you may look at:

[B]RUBENS-Pieter Pauwel

Prehistoric Creatures

Mythological Characters

Skeleton (humans, animals)

Stone Age (Based on concept art)

Future Humans (Based on concept art)

Warhammer/Warcraft Tribute

World WarII Tribute

Marvel/DC Comic Tribute

Ancient City (Environment Modeling)[/B]


Medieval weaponry ( with human interaction )

World war 2 heavy ( with human interaction )

Fantasy place ( like a house in the forest :stuck_out_tongue: )


Film tribute: Young Frankenstein!

  Filmmaker Tributes: Monty Python!

  at least i think one of those would be fun :D


I think all of Deepam’s ideas are great, especially the Stone Age one.


I like them too.

And they willgointo the mater list (yes there is one).
If we use them Ill give him he credit he deserves.



What happened to “The plug goes live on Friday 13th”? Or did I hallucinate that topic? I assumed that was going to be the next one up.


i think that was for the voting thread for the current one …



I will post the results soon.



How about creatures of the future? How you perceive organic creatures on earth will evolve to.

HCR - Organic Evolution


Just a thought, but would a 80’s Cartoon tribute be alright? I’m about to set off on an animation test project right now, and this would be perfect for creating my model and getting some constant feedback…:deal:


I think 80’s cartoon tribute is a great idea. We could interpret characters from thundercats, GI Joe, the transformers, He-man…That would be cool.




VOLTRON!! I’d be down for that! Consider me having called him if we go ahead with that :wink:


AND dont forget SHE-RA! lol i love this idea