The next challenge...Lets talk (WWII?)


Ok guys,
before we do the both the Stephen King Tribute, and Mech Arena I do need gather some assets and so a ton of pre production.

Until then how ahout a WWII challenge?

How about the Dambusters?
Operation Chastise

Prior to World War II, the British Air Ministry had identified Germany’s heavily industrialised Ruhr Valley, and especially its dams, as important strategic targets: in addition to providing hydro-electric power they also supplied drinking water and water for the canal transport system. The methods used to attack the dams had been carefully worked out. Calculations indicated that repeated air strikes with large bombs could be effective, but required a degree of accuracy which Bomber Command had been unable to attain in the face of enemy defences.



i think the dambusters would be a great idea. i hope i can join the challenge this time because i had alway other stuff to do :frowning:


What about a bridge collapse or something :slight_smile:


already done that a few challenges ago…

dam busting sounds fun… doubt i can participate though…


We are live guys
CgTalk:FXWars! Dambusters! - Challenge:31


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