The new Glu3d Contest is Up!



Glu3d has started a new contest.

The rules are simple:

[b]-Using the Glu3D demo version you should make an impressive animation that demonstrates the capabilities of Glu3D for fluid effects.

  • The Animation MUST have been created with glu3d. Particle Flow or other particle system’s animations with PWrapper will not be accepted.

    • There is no defined lenght for the videos. Although a minimun duration of 2-5 seconds is desirable.
    • Users may submit multiple entries, although, they must be absolutely different.
    • ANYONE can participate, since the entry is not breaking any of the rules above.

    [/b][b]The THREE best entries will receive a full glu3d license each.

    Entries must be submitted to . You can attach your entry to the email or send a link to get it. Also, send your name/nick name in the e-mail

    For more information, visit the forum

    [/b][b]The Deadline will be June 1st

    Good Luck for all!


I just installed the demo version for MAYA 7 and it simply replaced my userSetup.mel with one of it’s own. This means, I have to setup my own settings again, which is VERY ANNOYING! :banghead:

On top of this, the demo tells me that it’s expiration period ended 95 days ago. After deinstallation of the demo, the userSetup.mel was completely gone.

That’s what I call true user comfort. Hooray, these people are professionals! :hmm:


Well, in that case, ill be reporting this issue to the programmer, and i hope it wasnt actually tooo anoying :smiley:


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