The Neighbourhood, Stefan Morrell (3D)


Title: The Neighbourhood
Name: Stefan Morrell
Country: New Zealand
Software: 3ds max, finalRender, Photoshop

trying for an early morning atmosphere,the buildings I modeled & textured a few months ago for another project,finaly got a chance to use them here.
rendered with finalrender R2,the new speed increase let me tweak this one a lot more & the postwork was minimal


here’s some detail shots:


exellent work as always!!!


Really nice dude, the modeling/texturing/lighting are spot on. My only critique is a tiny one, the car in the middle of the screen has no shadow below it. Just a little blurry darkness under there would do wonders. Great stuff.

  • Neil


Amazing. Everythink is perfect except one. The shadow under the car is very weak. It seems to be floating a bit. 5 ***** anyway.

edit. Hahaha. Neil you were faster.:bowdown:


Looks fantastic! What was the final poly-count?


The amount of details, and a texture work are fantastic! Excellent job :slight_smile:


ahh… this is definitively front page work!



Neil & Vladimir,thanks for the comments guys,someone else has mentioned that part & yea…I’ll have to tweak that shadow some more for any print versions,good spotting :thumbsup:

Snikske & utak3r,thanks :slight_smile:

jdips01…polycount was just under 500k,everything but the sky was rendered in one hit & across a half dozen render elements
rendered at 4k



absolutely amazing stuff… great work man… ***** from me…


This looks very impressive!
Great mood and awesome
details! I really love it!

Awesome work 5 STRAS…
You deserved them!


good job man nicely done :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:


Realy great! But i agree with soulburn3d about the car shadow.


another wonderful work…congratulations maan:thumbsup:


Splendid scene, great ambiance, nice level of details, all is joined together to do a great picture. I am fond of urban ambiance and with your scene I am fullfilled ;).


superb work ! amazing modelisation and texturing.

perhaps a little too much “white”, too much light, and like soulburn3d said, there is a problem with the car. it looks like the car flying.

you are using Final render R2, is there a dof fonction like final dof ? (nothing with your image, only a question about this great plugin )

:thumbsup: :applause:


Fantastic work! reminds me a lot of some of the gritty and grotty buildings found in the laneways of Melbourne’s CBD. 5 stars from me.

Did you use normal mapping for the bricks in the untextured view? or was it just standard bump-mapping?


Five stars from me

Nothing to say but " WOW "


great work


beautifull modeling, texturing lighting and render lol i just have a questiion about the reference that you use, where do you get them? thx


I like your job very much !!I love your drawing skill for texture. Keep going:bounce: