The Mother of all Rolling Threads.


Remember when you first wanted to roll a wheel in C4d? Did you do it by hand? Did you look for answers in the manual? Did you try some Xpresso? Did you search a forum?

I did all of the above and found a few links that might be helpful to those interested in rolling things.

In no particular order:
-A good tute with a scene file as well by 3dKiwi:

-Another tute by Base80:

-The Natural Rolling Node by Westy:

-RollON by tcastudios:

The above options are really quite good and I doubt most would need another solution. But, I thought, what if one doesn’t want their wheel (or whatever) to follow a spline as the above solutions do? That seemed like a challenge.

Introducing FreeWheelin’. An Xpresso set up that allows forward and backward rotation without the need of a spline path. (h264 2.5Mb)

This is still in beta but it’s free!
There is a bug in it at this point (see the ReadMe in the attached).
I hope you enjoy and find it useful.


This looks good. Thanks for sharing. I’ll hopefully take a proper look at it this weekend.


Someone from Postforum posted this one a few years back


Thanks, Tiziano. 2006 is the year for me to get into Xpresso, etc. and these look like a good way to start.


good link collection.



Thanks for the addition Joel. I had that file but couldn’t remember where I got it from.

Base80 has a car rig too:

And how could I have forgotten Srek’s (no rolling though, but a cool suspension system):

Oh, everyone should have a C.O.F.F.E.E. called ‘Infinite Rotation.’ I think it was included on one of the C4d cd’s (goodies?) since v8. It won’t roll anything, just spin.

Once I (we?) get all the bugs worked out AND I learn C.O.F.F.E.E. I plan to make this into a proper plug.
Will always be free though. :thumbsup:


Sorry guys… it’s back to the drawing board


Yeow! That scared the h*** out of me. Thanks to you Paul and others for the interesting discussion over there.


Here’s another version with the addition of a ‘Spinner.’ At least I think that’s what they’re called. I don’t see many where I live so I’m not quite sure about their rotation direction. (800k, .h264)

Not ready to post that file yet as I’ve not fully worked out the code so it’s user accessable.

I am, however, posting the tire and rim -free for any use. Bear in mind I’m not that strong of a modeller (a little humor for those who remember Martin Short in an SNL skit from the 80’s :smiley: ).

A few HN errors on the rim-hub in the image below- Fixed in the file.


A very clever rolling solution here:
Look at the posts by Kokosing.


Here’s one in C.O.F.F.E.E. (Micheal Sterner?) that does pretty much what I was trying to do in Xpresso:


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