The Monster, Rick Baker (3D)


Title: The Monster
Name: Rick Baker
Country: USA
Software: ZBrush

This piece entitled “The Monster” is based on one of my favorite stills, of my all time favorite monster Boris Karloff as Frankenstein’s Monster. I used Modo ZBrush and Photoshop to create this piece.
Jack Pierce had crude materials in 1931 to create this makeup but managed to create an image that the whole world knows.
Besides trying to do a likeness of Karloff I hoped to show some of the emotion that he put into this character.
My only hope is that this piece does both Pierce and Karloff justice. Thank you for looking at it


Great work … I love the lighting :thumbsup:


Woooa! Really nice one!Even black and white,but the feeling great! :thumbsup: 4 *


wow…very nice,he must be driving the monstertoo ,amazing work u got there mate


Excellent work! I like it very much, he looks realistic. Congratz 5stars


nice model 4stars


Looks so good 5*:slight_smile:


Awesome, Awesome work. I love the hair nice and tight against the forehead. Your name (your real name that is) is also very fitting, I think. :slight_smile: Rick Baker is king when it comes to monster movies.

5 stars


wow! great work! I love your model


awesome piece


Thats a 5 stars picture!
Wow i really love this work:thumbsup:


very impressive work! :arteest:

beautiful piece that defenatly deserve a front page !

5 start from me!



phew! that is impressive stuff.

The facial expression really nails this render. Brilliant work and easily worthy of a front page slot.

5 stars


head is amazing
it made my day
four stars


I already saw this on ZBcentral,
It turned out really great!

Your goal to show emotions is definatly fulfilled,
he looks like he is thinking about something.

Well done, amazing work!

cheers! :wink:


Impressive! five stars dude!


waaaiiit a sec…RICK BAKER???..umm…ur kidding me right???:eek:


It looks like a photograph. Great work.

Yes. In case nobody else noticed, he is THE Rick Baker.


I love this piece, but would it compromise the artistic integrity too much if you added some stitches to his head to make it look more like different parts stuck together… i think it would add a more macabre, dark feel to the picture


ouch! …I’m not even saying anything about the technical aspect of your work here, I got only 2 nuts, and the expression you managed to put on his face is already kicking me hard enough down there. I’ll just bow dude.

5 stars is a minimum.