The monster on the bridge ( Garshasp video game concept), Soheil Danesh (2D)


Title: The monster on the bridge ( Garshasp video game concept)
Name: Soheil Danesh
Country: Iran
Software: Painter, Photoshop


This is one of the color concepts i made for Garshasp Video Game. It shows the monster named Arzoor is unleashed and invading Garshasp on the bridge.
I made it so fast and i know it has too many problems, but the important thing in this image is the concept and the feeling of the colors. I made it in Photoshop and Painter.
Hope you like it and tell me your ideas about this image!
Best :wink:


Lovely. I dig the design of the monstah. :slight_smile:


Somehow reminds of prince of persia - the two thrones and the battle that follows in the arena with the giant which was once a man :smiley: …Good work no doubt…:thumbsup:


wow, very skillful, as always!
the composition is the main force…
amazing portfolio Soheil
I’m your fan!



Oh f… This is my idea !
Awesom concept ! I love your brush works dude :wink:
Keep rocking


Has a great deal of movement in the color, very rich but loose.
Very cool.


wow great job soheile:wip:
good luck
enghadr porgas naro jarime mishia…lol
OoPSs you had my vote


man they are all here! :D, AVAX.


it’s more than great as a conceptual art . congrats man it have lots of feelings :thumbsup:


the image is awsome and colot is cool man

by the way your new design of gershasp character is much better and the beard is giving him a unique look.

good look on pushing the limits to you and your team .

ghassem farhany


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