The Moment, qian xie (3D)


It may not look 100 percent like him, but I’d say you succeeded since most the people recognize it right off the bat, including me. Fantastic job. Is this a displace or normal map from z-brush? Or did you just use the high-poly? Just curious what approach you took. : ) keep up the great work.


WOW. That is totally amazing. You are a true master! :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


wow… nice cage :slight_smile:

color adjustment look like from film…

good job…


Impressive work! Love the eyes!


This looks great.
I recognized him from the small thumbnail. Very accurate Nicholas Cage.


This is very harsh criticism.

I could recognise him instantly and even looking at the pic I can’t spot many modeling mistakes. The shading could be better, but it is great work!


Thank you all guys.
I did not do it fully according to the reference.


This is so cool… he looks just how i saw him on films… great jobs 5 stars



I like it!

He is my idol…


This is damn good.

The only thing I’d like to add from what everyone else said though, is that the eyes look really flat/dry. Otherwise, outstanding!


5 star.


I don’t know what these guys are talking about, I think this is near-perfect. The skin shader needs a tiny bit of tweaking, but if you ask me – 20 different artists have 20 different meanings for “perfect”


I hope a few of these crits are supposed to be jokes, because if they are not then they are nothing but garbage.

Looks like him? Used as reference?

Everyone else seems to see Cage.

Very nice piece indeed!


Awesome likeness. Great work, nice pose and awesome texture.


Recognised Cage instantly from thumbnail, really great work.


I agree, some of these crits are way off. I think apart from the shaders/textures needing tweaking, the modeling is 99% good.

My own crit is the eyebrows are a little bushy, but apart from that it definitely deserves the front page! Well done!


It’s just perfect! A lot of people tried to recreate a famous person, but only your work is soo realistic. It’s Cage, the model is 99% him!


Nice modelling. I think the shader and lighting needs allot more work. The skin looks a little flat and plastic, especialy around the ear and nose.

The jacket is spot on.

Great attempt at a likeness though. It will be great to see more of your work in the future.


great work, 5* for for the likeness.


Cool! I like it! Good job!