The Moment, qian xie (3D)



Although to me it looks more like a sleight caricature more than photo realism, something along the line of this (lower link), but not quite that extreme.


i cannot agree more than that!
i think the modeling is so great.i loved it!
i recognized him as soon as i saw ur work.but i have to also agree about tweaking the lighting a little bit maybe.
beautiful work!


hey man nice job,two thumbs up




great likeness


Amazing work! It just so happens I’m watching “Gone in 60 Seconds” with Nicolas Cage in it. Awesome movie! What a coincidence.


very awesome work mate … :slight_smile:
awesome likeness , i guess the ears could be better than that , but i guess that fi9

i was wondering if u can share a sample of ur color map and ur setting of sss ?!! (if u don’t mind)


Please, don’t understand me wrong people. That render is great and very much Cage look alike, but I think that is Cage after plastic surgery. When you are dealing with famous character, you have to find “something” to capture. Something more than flesh and bone. You have to put spirit and attitude to bring it life.

Anyway, I’m sure it can be superb when now looks very nice :slight_smile: Good work!


Thank a lot everybody’s suggestion.I understand your meaning.These pictureses is some rough.A lot of parts could be better.Thanks.I am sorry for my English.


thx for ur quick response man , appreciated :cool:


Very good portrait. It is true that it’s not 100%, but very close, and it was immediately recognizable. Great work!


it’s really good, especially the subsurface scattering on the the fill light area side…
i know, because i’ve trouble in create that…

i'm doing it  in maya mr skin with diffuse, epdermial, subdermal.
 bump map which i've got from zbrush
using ibl lighting  with out photons in scene

can u help me out?

where to assign sss map?
i’m not getting 100% alpha which is problem while composit
did u use gi/ibl?
is depth map really needed i’ve seen it somewhere on blogs?


raghavfx:Friend.I don’t know that can these pictureses help you?


4000k depth map


the way i did is little different…why are u using maps in scatter weight instead of
scatter color(i’m using in scatter color) is there specific reason? if there let me know , if i’m correct u will be using sss map for overall color and the clr for epi,sub scatter…
and i’m using depth map (which is fromz brush) in bump shader…



May I suggest Ballistic Publishing’s Essence: The Face?

His tutorials on skin are bar none some of the best I’ve seen. It goes into great depth, well worth the money…



I knew who it was right away but, almost perfect. Good job.


Nice Nicholas Cage ! :slight_smile:

Congratulations ! Good job !

My best wishes,



Title: The Moment
Name: qian xie
Country: China
Software: Maya, mental ray, Photoshop, ZBrush

This my personal work.I have made modeling in Maya and ZBrush. Textures in Photoshop. It took about 2 weeks.
Hope you like it.[/QUOTE]


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