The Modern Computer Witch, Jose Pardo (2D)


Title: The Modern Computer Witch
Name: Jose Pardo
Country: USA
Software: Photoshop

Hi Everyone,

Here is something I did for a small challenge at CA. The theme was: A Modern Computer Witch. I decided to tacke it like a book cover so I left the title on the image. Its a lot sketchier than my usual stuff 3.5 hrs. + or - but I will go back and refine her when I have more time. All comments welcome. Thanks for looking.


very well done jose…:thumbsup: .good work on her costume and colors, those stripes look really fine, i like that. her pose and the floor has been nicely handled as well.

all the best with further tweaking/refinement. but i even like it the way it is…painterly…:).


Thanks Waheed always appreciate your visit.


Interesting character MoonVisionStudio. I like the bottom half of this image very much, but I think the type and the character are competing for the viewers attention. I think if you deleted the type and just faded into nothing or some textured space, this image would be much more attractive. Good luck!


Very interesting painting, I like the whole composion.
Clothes and color just stunning!! :thumbsup:


Fantastic work Jose, I really love the design of the character. That apple tattoo does it for me :stuck_out_tongue: Also, I like her pose a lot, and that hand is just brilliant!

I like how you put those little spices here and there. All a round, a beautiful job. Top marks and good luck in the contest!


I like the thought you put into balancing the type with the character–the compostion here works for me, though I am sure an art director would be having you submit with 20 other kinds of type before they were satisfied (I find font choice challenging, myself). I like the fact that even in the limited space left for her, the witch grabs your attention and holds it!


the others said it right now!

Fantastic, :thumbsup: great idea and implementation!! :love:


Thanks Brady I appreciate your input.

Katerina-Thanks I enjoyed hunting for reference for this one.

Marta- I really love your work and I think you are the “Mistress/Master” of the painted hands. When I finish this image I will study your work closely to try and earn your compliment.

Lynn- Thanks, I really didnt spend as much time as I should have on this one but I think it has enough potential to finish up in the future.

Thanks again folks!


Hi Jennifer, You must have snuck in your post while I replied othe others, Thank You so much!


funny, :slight_smile:
Nice one !
I like it a lot !

Keep it up!



Thanks for dropping by Eduardo!


Its really hard to blend the old age and new age era…But u have done it quite brilliantly…Amazing to see ur well executed and well presented concept…Great to see that…Nice colors…I really liked those candles…Adding great atmosphere…Take carez…Cheers:)


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