The Mixtape: The Anatomy Art of Pusha V


Hello and welcome to another episode of The Mixtape presented by Pusha V and unofficially sponored by the world famous Rebecca Kimmel!

Alright Rebecca suggested that I make an anatomy thread for my art. So bear with me people as your eyes gaze upon my ugly works of art.

Rules: Destroy and crit my stuff. I need it badly. If you want me to paint a picture of you post your picture and I may will paint you if I am not busy on something else.

The Goal: To make me better at this stuff.

Here we go.

[left]Time to make a new photobucket account for this.:thumbsup: And make another painting.



I’m thrilled to see you took me up on my offer and created your own work thread here. Beware, I now know where to find you to kick your butt into gear. :twisted:

I’d really like to see you continue to develop this painting, as I really think you have a nice sense of color, in the pastel range especially, and darn it if I don’t just want to see you finish something. :rolleyes:

But, I also think it would be a great exercise for you to do a master copy like I talked about earlier ~ in fact, I’ll even give you a choice of paintings to copy ~ aren’t I nice? :slight_smile:

  1. Gustave Caillebotte’s ‘The Floor Scrapers’

  2. Degas’ ‘The Bath’

  3. Another Degas Bath Picture Who Knows the Title?

  4. Caillebotte’s Nature morte aux fruits (My favorite and pick ~ though it’s not anatomy, it will certainly help you to paint generally)

Maybe make a choice by tomorrow, then start?

Cheers, :slight_smile:



I forgot that I had this laying around on my hard drive.Lol. I never posted it.

Now time to find references.


Oh noooooooo it is a trap! I knew it!



Erm…why did you never post this? It’s a good start ~ and shows a really nice painterly approach. I really think you should start with this impressionistic block approach. You don’t have to render just because you are using a paint package ~ there’s no style limit, really.

I suggest going after one of these figurative OFDW paintings with a really loose, gestural painterly approach ~ and simultaneously tackling one of the Master Paintings linked above. Work on both pieces back and forth ~ you will learn from both experiences. I also recommend copying #4, the fruit piece ~ it isn’t anatomy, but in a way, that’s good, because it will just get you comfortable with moving paint around.

Whaddya say?



Rebecca-I dunno why I never posted it. I may have been playing Socom2 during that time or typing on of my billions of papers due for class. I forgot.

Walks up to the council… I choose the bath!

The crowd Cheers!

Yeah I am more familliar with the bath. I think the picture is in my design book. (I should have sold it back to the bookstore at the end of that semester. 70 bucks for nothing lol.)

Does it have to be exact exact. I am bad at that stuff. I tend to be more of a stylized artist.:shrug:



You have chosen…wisely. :slight_smile:

Nope, it need not be exact. I think the purpose should be to push paint around, get comfortable creating form through value, and also working on edge variation and control. I think the colors in ‘The Bath’ picture are perfectly suited to your taste, and so it should be fun for you to do…the nice thing about the impressionistic style is that they weren’t after precision, either ~ it’s what made their work so beautiful.

Commencement date…tomorrow?




Lol Pusha V never sleeps.

Here is what I have so far…

I blocked and smoothed out the colors.

I plan on pushing it more in painter.



Damn, that was fast. :slight_smile: Nice start there! You do have a really good sense of blocking in form thru color ~ perhaps this is your calling? :slight_smile:




It is just a matter of eyeballing the color. and don’t care about how it looks in the begining. Smoothing will help take care of missing values. The part I stuggle on is refining a painting. I suck at that. Maybe I should use the pencil tool to help me do that.


Hmm, I think whatever works…like you say, don’t worry about getting this perfect ~ just work with it to the best of your ability, and add gradually to the painting, as you are comfortable. Do things as you really see them ~ don’t force yourself into a particular perspective.

I think the key is to think of this as an analysis of a painting ~ break it down according to rules that make sense to you. Save states frequently, so that you can always go back to something you liked previously and such. I like the current state frankly ~ keep that as a copy, and keep going. Let me know if you need help.

EDIT: Also, have you ever done an erase out drawing? Traditionally? By that, I mean where you take a charcoal stick, sand it into powder, and cover a large canson sheet of drawing paper with the dust, rubbing it in with a chamois and a paper towel. Then, using a white rubber eraser, cut to a sharp point with an exacto knife, and using it to pick out the lights, after first establishing a light drawing with charcoal pencil. It is a great technique for a beginning painter. It’s very much like the technique Sheff demonstrated, except using dry media. This really helps to see darks and lights, the key to understanding what a painting is all about. :slight_smile:




I have heard of erasing out figures before. I don’t really like doing that because my figures turn out to being dull and flat. For some reason traditionally I work from light to dark.
I finished another one amd I will post it soon along with the next part of the bath image.


Here are 2 more I made.


pusha V, it’s seems you may of missed my post on you apple, there’s some links on there that would help a hundred, (by the way it’s me spanz remember…treasure island mod sheets :D!!) anyway good to see you here at cg, man the paintings are coming along very nice, it’s not the brush control, but try the brush sizes “hint” to receive HI FI detail, there’s two ways you can go, and right now it looks like john singer sargent (very good artist indeed) but he is some help sites:
there are more and he is the one site I offered last time good luck and you’re beating me pretty bad on the dope production work keep it up, I’m still doing animation “hint” and illustration work and 3d work as well


and as i look thru you got the light thing down using color, it’s just about pitching with color and creating forms, I have some stuff but can’t post them yet because there leading to other projects, and the moment someone see’s them, it will spark too many ideas, so I have to create work just for forums alone, so it becomes a little bit harder, I’ll post some of it soon and we’ll see where it goes and what direction, but try the brushes (sizing) and over lapping it you look at pino’s stuff, the edge’s are created with smaller brushes, there’s another technique but I swore code of honor that I wouldn’t tell, I just hope you see it like i did, keep up the good work and I’ll but looking for more pieces from you, plus you’re the only person I’ve seen use quote’s from 50 cent :D!! lol !!



That second one is epecially nice! You are quite good with capturing light…why not go for an abstracted piece, just capturing light as you are? Blocky shapes, etc…good direction for you, I think.



From the drawing forums right?
Yeah. what’s goning on. I been hang out here longer than anywhere else. I am acctually becoming somewhat productive here. LOL.

LOL i was just thinking of sargent. Time to make another folder on the computer to jack his stuff lol.


Rebecca-This is about as far as I can go with a painting. Lol. I am bad at detailing. I can only do detail work when line art is used.
Thanks for the comments every one!



Hmm, that’s why I think a Gnomon DVD Workshop would be good. I’m not talking about a CGWorkshop ~but a free Workshop here on the Anatomy Forum like the OFDWs, where people would buy their own DVDs, and we’d all work on the exercises together in an informal Workshop. And, btw, if you participated in the OFDWs, you might improve your painting skills ~ :wink: ~no griping about costly stuff when there’s lots here that’s free! :wink:



yup from the drawing board, this is my ultimate hangout, hey and thanks rebecca for the responses, (I laugh at the picture everytime I see it), but pusha V for details try smaller brushes it’s really simplistic if you think about it, you have alot of power in color you have to control the detail, and not over work it, even features are still based on composition and what you want the viewer to look at, or you feel this is a suggested piece, my new phase now is pushing it farther, always zoom in and out to see what it looks like from far away and up close to see what changes can be made, and always ask your self how can I push this further, how can I make this image have more punch and better, and what new techniques can I create out of this, composition is a key role, then creating color keys is another, you can pump these out in now time, once I got familiar (and still getting familiar with brushes there’s a whole new world about to open, I have a wacom tablet, but doesn’t work out for me, so for me to pressurize the brush and line I change the opacity, to overlap colors or even blend, look at other artist brush strokes and direction:

major forms block in
color composition
establish light source and " CORE SHADOWS" “hint” :D!! with smaller brushes
lights can be established with reds yellows, white blues, but yellows and reds are really bright colors if you used them, you can always look at Norman Rockwell, but the basic drawing skills do apply, if you know the structure you know the form, tonal values