The Mercenary, Rui Cheng (2D)


Title: The Mercenary
Name: Rui Cheng
Country: China
Software: Photoshop

The aim of his life is nothing.He became a mercenary for the money.He can do everything for the money.Where is my next mission? You can tell me ,maybe i will ask him do something for u~~ : )
I start this work in my sketchbook,then i finished it by photoshop in a whoel day.
Comments are most welcome.Thanks


whoaw . wonderful painting…


Perfect piece! Like your style man! :thumbsup:


:eek: holy mother of jesus


Very solid and well-built a character.


Sick. Great texture work, design and lighting! Looks like the kind of guy I’d need to take out the president


That’s a real bad @$$!


I don’t like the subject much, but the quality and skill level is breathtaking! Fantastic work! :eek:


Very solid charachter concept and some powerful doing ( love the strokes…) My crits would go for tiny anatomy stuff that don’t work too well for me, even within your style ( like the biceps coming out of the shoulder muscles, leaving a big gap right under it, which weakens the sense of strenght in it, I think…) and the fact that the shadow is casted behind the figure instead of at its left (as you look at it) despite having a strong filling light coming from the left.

Nevertheless, is very solid in the details depiction and full of character… Well done!:scream:


very well made, nice textures and palette…good job…:).


Can I answer? Can I? :smiley:

I believe it’s just perfect, really, because:

The anatomy is stylized just as the whole character and I believe the “awkward” origin of the biceps mirrors the design and works beautifully to accentuate it! I would be willing to make a bet that this artist could make “real” anatomy with very little effort, but that wasn’t the task.

The “strong fill light” looks to me like a rim light and doesn’t require a shadow in this kind of depiction, while the actual fill light coming from the front does produce the very artistic shadow behind him. It ends up becoming visually so pleasing, that 5 stars pop up for the rating immediately and even I had to give them.

However, it’s sometimes important to understand your style more than anyone’s reality. I myself try to paint based on logic very often and it’s both my lack of skill and my lack of patience that often corrupt my painted work. In this guy’s case I’m very sure that he has both skill and patience to do practically what he wants and he’d have to show more severe mistakes, in my opinion, to prompt real cricism…well…although I’m very sure he’ll appreciate constructive ideas.

Just my 2 cents… :shrug:

Again, amazing stuff! :thumbsup:


great work!

Love the use of the white edge lighting on his back.

Suggest maybe lightenning the backdrop up at the top of the composition so all of that great
detail and character stands out some more.

Great points made Taron333 - wish I could just cut and paste your comments into so many threads-they are true yet also tactful and well articulated. Plus they don’t discount constructive crits either which is something that we really don’t want to do here.



thanks for your reply!:slight_smile: step image…


Incredible lighting and solid brushwork… I wonder if you used any reference?..


That’s cool! Reminds me of id’s Quake III concept art.


Wow Rui,
I really like your style: is quite similar to traditional acrilic. As all the others comment I agree on the powerfull of the character and colors.
I think a background coud be great: something as Vietnam :slight_smile:


love your style …

reminds me of chars from warhammer40k.


Great character concept! I love it!:thumbsup:


Solid work dude. Really liked it. :thumbsup:


Great chara design…but to be honest…I prefer the hamster you got in your avatar (^__^)