The Mechanic (animation)


Done in Lightwave 3D :slight_smile:


That was pretty good, a fairly intersting concept. There were quite a few weak points though:

  • The camera motions in the beginning with the titles where choppy. You need to ease in and out of those motions to get rid of the little hitches.

  • The music wasn’t very good. It was ok in parts but since it is such a reconisable song that has absolutly nothing to do with driving it kinda clashes.

  • More AA would have smoothed out the car seams a bit.

  • There was a loss of continuity there, why wasn’t there any clunking as he was driving all crazy?

A funny concept. Keep up the good work!


Thanks for your constructive comments. They are much appreciated.

It’s actually an assignment and I couldn’t get higher quality renders to be rendered on time so I have to stick to a lower quality render.

I’ll take note and I’m already planning for another animation. This one won’t be that cartoonish :slight_smile:


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