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Hi, I’m using Maya 6.0 Unlimited. I have a problem with subdiv surface. First, I creat a subdiv cylinder. Then I delete the top and bottom set of faces. The problem is when I change from standard to polygon mode, my surface loses its subdivision along the height and width. Can any one know how to fix the problem? Thanks in advance.


I’ve been looking for a while now and I can’t find the answer to my problem, and time is a bit of an issue. So if anyone could help me it would be much appreciated.

Basically, when I move around in perspective vies my image planes disappear.
When I move around in orphographic view they just blur.

How do I stop it from doing this?



To quickly and easily render smooth wireframes using mental ray.


Hello Guys!
Wondered if anyone bumped into this on:
Iv installed Maya 8, set up licensing O.k (cause ver.7 is loading ok) and when im trying to load it two windows open -> “Output Window” which says:

"***** Error: file: C:/Program Files/NVIDIA
Corporation/Gelato/mango/maya7.0/scripts/registerGelatoRenderer.mel line 34: Invalid flag: -hasCommonGlobalValueProcedure
mental ray for Maya 8.0
mental ray: version, 15 Jun 2006, revision 18552
mental ray: mental ray for Maya - startup done

and “Script Editor” and in that this following text is written:

// Error: Unable to dynamically load : C:/Program Files/NVIDIA Corporation/Gelato/mango/maya7.0/plug-ins/Mango.mll

The specified procedure could not be found.


// Error: The operation completed successfully.


// Error: The operation completed successfully.

(Mango) //

// Error: Fur::executeCommand MayaState: (kFailure): Unexpected Internal Failure //

// Error: initializePlugin function failed (Fur) //

// mental ray for Maya 8.0

// mental ray for Maya: using startup file E:/Program Files/Alias/Maya8.0/mentalray/maya.rayrc

// mental ray for Maya: setup

// mental ray for Maya: initialize

// mental ray for Maya: using 1 license

// mental ray for Maya: register extensions

// mental ray Node Factory: loaded

// parsing E:/Program Files/Alias/Maya8.0/mentalray/include/base.mi

// loading E:/Program Files/Alias/Maya8.0/mentalray/lib/base.dll

// generating Maya nodes…

// parsing E:/Program Files/Alias/Maya8.0/mentalray/include/contour.mi

// loading E:/Program Files/Alias/Maya8.0/mentalray/lib/contour.dll

// generating Maya nodes…

// parsing E:/Program Files/Alias/Maya8.0/mentalray/include/paint.mi

// loading E:/Program Files/Alias/Maya8.0/mentalray/lib/paint.dll

// generating Maya nodes…

// parsing E:/Program Files/Alias/Maya8.0/mentalray/include/physics.mi

// loading E:/Program Files/Alias/Maya8.0/mentalray/lib/physics.dll

// generating Maya nodes…

// parsing E:/Program Files/Alias/Maya8.0/mentalray/include/subsurface.mi

// loading E:/Program Files/Alias/Maya8.0/mentalray/lib/subsurface.dll

// generating Maya nodes…

// parsing E:/Program Files/Alias/Maya8.0/mentalray/include/surfaceSampler.mi

// loading E:/Program Files/Alias/Maya8.0/mentalray/lib/surfaceSampler.dll

// generating Maya nodes…

// mental ray for Maya: successfully registered

// mental ray for Maya: loading startup file: E:/Program Files/Alias/Maya8.0/mentalray/maya.rayrc

// MayaLive version // Error: Object not found: mainRenderMenu //

// Error: Object not found: //



// Error: Object not found: mainRenderMenu //

// Error: Object not found: //

after these messeges Maya 8 isn’t loading and i`m stuck with these errors.
Anyone have an idea what should i do ?


When i playblast it, there is an error:invalid compression type with the option ticked movieplayer. It works with image viewer though. How can it be solved such that it can be played with movieplayer?


Im just wondering why this section is called “Autodesk Maya”???


Q: When I apply Maya’s fur to my well unwrapped character I get some bald spots around the areas where the UV’s are quite dense (eg. eyes, fingers, ears). How can I get an equally spaced fur over my whole caracter?



Thank you for post


Is there a folder that I can delete in order to reset my preferences?

EDIT: I’m using Maya 8.5


May not be what you’re looking for, but in my experience its better to just produce a playblast frame sequence and then watch them in fcheck. I’m sure I’m just not using the movieplayer function right, but in my experience (and the experience of my cohorts) movieplayer just seems to not work very often or produces crappy results.

Autodesk bought out Alias and now owns the rights to Maya. So, Autodesk Maya it is.


what r the computer specifications needed for the smooth working of maya?


This morning, I open maya to continue model my object… and I have a small problem here:

[left]Can somebody help me fix this problem… I use Maya 2009


You can change the size of the handle with + and - from the num-block.


Thank you so much ^^.

I have more 2 problems to solve… (day of repair)

  1. After I choose in Extrude, I can’t see the move + scale :



  1. I’ve got… choose in set defaut in Preferences, and now when I create a new poly or Nurbs, I can’t find the Inputs in Channel Box.

[left]Oh god … :bowdown:


I am not sure why this happens but

  1. press “T”, perhaps the handle shows up
  2. perhaps it has something to do with the interactive creation which is turned on by default.
    Go into the modify->polygons-menue. Turn off “interactive creation” and try again

Hope that was usefull.


I’ll try, thank you.


you probably have construction history turned off… if you see a little scroll with a red X through it in the upper menu bar then that’s the problem (top 10 user error) :wink:


Oh thank you so much, the problem was solve …
And Can you tell me the “top 10 user error” ??? I really want it :rolleyes:


hi as above

was tempted to upgrade my OS to Win 7
but was unsure of whether will there b any probs for Maya 2008 on Win 7…

any experienced user??


i have Maya 2009 Unlimited (Student Version, but full) for my MBPro (late 2008). out of nowhere, whenever i Select anything - Faces, Vertex, Edge - in any way as a Poly, NURBS, whatever, suddenly the Selected will include the space or item next to it or in a cooresponding location on it!:wip:

EX: if i Sel a Face on a cube (or any Shape), the Face next to it is now selected as well even though i did not do that; same goes for an Edge or Vertex Selection. now i can’t complete my Models in any way!:sad: this did not happen until i used a Duplicate/Duplicate Special a few times.

now every Scene or project i try to start has this same technical burp that makes it impossible for me to even start a Model. i can’t get through to anyone human at Autodesk nor any occurrences listed in the Forums, not even here.

Can anyone, pleae, help me?!?!?!?:shrug: