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Have you ever make solid texture with MR and incoming global illumination plus final gather and didn´t work?, here is the solution!:


When you move the mesh the UVs don’t move w/ the mesh.


How to rotate the scale axis.


rendering (software) particles with motion blur


for those who need blueprints:

SMCars check first
Car Art
Honda Fact Book
JP Racing


What “Gimbal Lock” is in a nutshell, and an answer to “I made a rotation animation in one local axis and Maya is playing back animation on all three axes…Why?”


Originally posted by ryguy
Cure for subdivision SLOWNESS
5.) Delete the blindData nodes. If you move vertices on your model, you should already see a slight
increase in speed.

Just want to raise a big warning flag about the above step:

When a subd is in poly proxy mode the blindData nodes are there for a good reason - they store the hierarchical tweaks and creasing information from the native subd, which allows the subd to be recreated from just the poly and it’s blind data when saved and reloaded. It is ok to delete the blind data nodes under only two conditions, either you do not have any hierarchical edits or creases on the native subd or, if you do, you go back into standard mode before you save your scene. If you delete the blindData nodes and then save your scene with the subd still in proxy mode, you will lose all your hierarchical edits and creases.


Painting weights tips:


I was having a bugger of a time trying to do a solid shatter on a complex object. Here’s what I did to get it to work…


shaders stay blank after assigning textures to one or more channels:


Problem :

  • Mental ray rendering give weird black spots in variabel places when using final gather.
  • MR transparancy problem when using final gather on objects and/or image planes near the fg sources in outdoor scens.

(Possible) solution :


I could do a “render frame” and it looked great, but when I tried to do a batch render, Maya just hung.

Here’s how I made it work:


First of all sorry for my bad english .
how I can render my fur with Mental ray ? or how I can make some effects like fur or hair and render with mental ray ?


hey ramtin, theres a fine maya video tutorial on rendering fur using mental ray at absolutely free of cost…
check it out. it must be in the rendering section.



problem :

in maya 6.5 , when I’m in edge selection mode, I select 2 edges , activate the move tool , and I try to rotate the camera then the program crashes !

my pc :
winxp sp2
P4 2.8 / 1024 L2 cashe
256 mb ddram
ati radeon 9250 / 128 mb
msi motherboard

thx :slight_smile:


dunno why nobody is answering that question…
personally i would reinstall or update the drivers for my graphic card. if that does not help i would reinstall maya. but i guess u must have already solved the poblem by now.



no it’s not solved yet, I reinstalled every thing even windows , updated my vga driver , and still the problem persists,

can u try to do the same and see if it will crash?

on any polygonal object , get into edge selection mode, select 2 edges , activate the move tool , then rotate the camera , and see if it will crash or not

for me I’m still looking for a solution :’(


did what u asked to do. no, maya is not crashing. have no idea whats going on with ur machine. hav u tried other forums? also try other threads on this forum. looks like nobody reads the Maya FAQ forum nowadays.
all the best.

have you tried updating ur old vga drivers with new ones. if u do a search on this forum u will find that sum ati cards have little problems when running Maya. maybe thats where ur problem lies.


Can’t turn on (or off) motion blur in Render Globals :

defaultRenderGlobals.motionBlur -l 0;

That’s a L in -l (as in Lock), not a one. I have this on my render shelf permanently, our boxes do it a lot.


First reason:
You have not enough RAM. Minimum value should be 512 MB, recomended >1024 MB
Second reason is your old Ati card with very old single channel DDR memory [one stream 32 bit]. You don’t have to buy highend 3D monster like 3D Blaster or nevest Ati X series or top Nvidia 7x models. For comfortable work enough’ll be Radeon 9700 or Nvidia GF 4 Ti with 128 Mb dual channel DDR [focus at 128 bit modules], the best choice is ofcourse graphic adapter with GDDR3 fast [800~1080Mhz] 256 bit memory.

When your maya’ll crash: UV editor [expect it every time you assign *psd map to your object, almost every operation with mentioned file format:]

Next, when you assign *.psd map simple 2D/3D projection to your defaul shader and you hit reload texture button.

Next, when you’ll try to work with low poly sub object for uv mapping of high poly model.

e.t.c. Expect that Maya 'll crash every 5 miutes:) with your acctuall hardware config.