The Marauder, Casper Thomsen (3D)


Title: The Marauder
Name: Casper Thomsen
Country: Denmark
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop, VRay
Submitted: 4th July 2011

A school project I just finished based on the Marauder unit from Blizzard’s Starcraft 2. The entire project took around 2½ with around 3-5 hours of work a day(also writing an report besides it)
The entire model is modelled with edge pulling and some modifiers like shell and turbosmooth. Base materials were created and rendered with V-Ray and then heavily modified in photoshop where I also added some of the decals and scratches.

I hope you like it.


looks good, i like the textures, shaders could have a bit more contrast for the reflections.
i think you should use displacement for the scratsches, would give the shaders more depth.


Great model and presentation, I just think the scratches are a bit over done.


very nice work :slight_smile:


very nice but i agree with the “overdone” scratches. they dont follow logical pattern where scratches would naturally accumulate.


Very good work!!!


I liked the model and loved the old scratched metal appearance. Did you make normal mapping or modified it in PS?


Very fine, I love this game.


Hi guys, thanks for the kind replies.

@Kzin, Yeah I can see that now. The post work only had 2 days in order for me to reach the deadline, so the scratches came out really fast

@DarkLimit, thanks for the kind words, I can see your point, I wanted the marauder to look like he’s been in a lot of battles.

@far, Thanks :slight_smile:

@INKMAN002, thanks for the feedback, I can see your point about the scatches not being in the most logical places, I’ll keep that in mind on my next project :slight_smile:

@SGDDik, Thanks :slight_smile:

@leocda, Thanks, all the scratches are in fact post work due to a thight deadline and Mudbox not having the abillity to go high enough in res to achieve the detail I wanted under such a “short” project

@KalinichM, thanks :slight_smile:


you obviously never have faught a zergling before



It reminds me a bit an Eat 3d video tutorial “ZBrush Hard Surface Technique”.


Nice work, especially with the scratches. I know they can take a bit of time to get right.


good job ! nice presentation , love that smoke


Aw you beat me to it. Those hordes of zerglings must be hell on an armors paint job.


Great model and texturing! Nice image.


Great robot…I like the details.


very cool man!congrats.


I love this piece. The modeling, texturing and rendering are all excellent.

I just have one complaint- and this is not about your work in particular; but about most heavily armored character models: They can hardly move! If you look at your character closely (which of course you’ve done), he can’t do normal things like lift his arms above his head, or bend his elbows at a 90 degree angle. I doubt he could even bend over to see his own feet.

This is a tough problem to solve, and it frustrates me because I’m working on some characters like this for an animation and I want them to have relatively full range of motion. Ideas?


Omg Soo Epic Xd


The surface of the metal looks cool!