The Making Of ‘The Blue Monkey’ In Zbrush



By Thales Simonato de Oliveira

Thales Simonato de Oliveira describes the process he used to create his version of Goro Fujita’s The Blue Monkey ? coming 2nd in June’s cartoon gallery competition

With this tutorial I’ll show you something about the process for creating The Blue Monkey, as well as some tips about the still procedure. It took 2 months to complete the image, focusing especially on the fur and the render, and keeping the modeling, UV and texture very simple. I hope you guys enjoy this making of. The Blue Monkey was based on the image Long Tail Creature by Goro Fujita.
Before deciding on the project to be done, I always think about an aspect that I want to explore. In this case the project began with a study of body hair. Navigating through Pinterest, I found an image by Goro Fujita that interested me a lot. It featured a single character, the background was basically one image, and it was possible to dedicate myself to developing the fur.



this is awesome ! Thank you for this :slight_smile:


welcome… i will keep sharing good stuff here…