The making of a 3D animated short


This artist created a series of short podcasts that detail many of the items in writing, creating and distributing a 3D animation short. It’s a series of about 20 episodes, each only 2-3 minutes long that highlight different aspects of the project. Things like lighting, OK vs FK, multi-pass, etc. A really good look into the production.

He used SoftImage, but many of the techniques can translate to any toolset.



I saw this a while ago and think he’s done a pretty great job!
However… I think the laborious process he goes through to get his final render look is really
overkill. Its a nice look, but I think he could achieve it without sooo much emphasis on rendering in layers.


I agree. He admits he’s a bit OCD in this regard. I still think the podcasts themselves give a nice overview of some of the techniques and technologies. I think his use of projection maps is really interesting.



Rendering in layers is pretty critical if you’re a perfectionist. All that control provides you with so much flexibility in the final compositing stage. As laborious as it is… its necessary. Its either that…or have a really powerful render farm to re-render shots that you want to change the look of on the fly.


I completely agree with rendering in layers, but his results are so straight out of the render looking to me that I feel he could have hit the same quality with less work.


I enjoyed the movie and think that his layer style approach has been a wise one !


Oldie but goodie…

This was a 2001 project started off in Infini-D now part of Carrara studio. This dated and detail approach to cheating software shortcoming really helped me think different in how I used EI. Layering in EI helps easy modification of shadows and color correction if you don’t feel like re-rendering a scene. A while back some one posted a good script/plugin that allows live lighting changes from within AfterEffects for EI.

Just thought I’d share. Unfortunately this project seems to have been canned.


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