The Maker: Short Animation


Creating a short animation about a lonely boy who gets bullied at school and one day comes across a poster on the floor…to cut it short he builds a robot takes it to school one day gets confused over the bullies and its creater the robot shorts out the boy is lonely again!
Read the posts Its coming on well.

To read the scripts and everyones progress go to:



I haven’t used Max since v 2, so I’m not too good at it. I wouldn’t mind helping out with modelling etc. It would be a good chance to get my max skills up to scratch.

Let me know what happens


Thats fine there must be a way to convert your software files to Max and vice versa.
Also i have got a friend who can help so that makes 3 of us so far if your still interested?
Im working on a story line so we will know what kind of characters we will need if you can think of a theme we can go for please give me some ideas as it would help alot (sci-fi/comedy/horror-ish etc.)
But if you want you can email or if you have a website you could put some images up of some basic characters you do and i can see what your designs consist of and think of a story to go with it.

Thanks for your reply.


Cool, If you look at the brainstorming for a mascot thread, there’s a WIP robot I’m doing. I’ll start using Max if this gets under way, just may be a little slow to get going. Ummm… other character, really I got nothing finished. I’m working on a character with Fireman at the moment, textureing my first ever person, done Zool from the old Amiga game in 3D. Done a few cars.

What sort of poly count are you looking at? High, low, Sub Div Surfaces ok?

Let me know ok?


i do max, i’m a student looking for stuff for show reel. i’m in


Thats fine you can use as many polys as you want just do it the way you can do best i dont mind at all, im putting up a character right now that im working on im looking for a 2d look…like ghost in the shell/akira look for this one i dont want anything too detailed but the main thing is making it usable for animation like the side wiggle thingy that south park uses basically, im glad i have got some enthusiastic replies im looking forward to working with you people and see what we can come up with.
I think if we all do at least one character each then we could easily write a script based on the characters we make cause im no good at writing a good story without something to go off on.
well my image is up its on my website here check it out and see what you think…
Hope to hear from you all soon.


Iv just checked your robot out wildfire and i think its bludy good nice work there pal.


Cheers, just let me know when you plan to start as I have to put max back on my system, as I built a new one the other day.

P.s I mainly use XSI


Asap the sooner the better iv already started an anime type character and thought about what kind of sets n props we can do first we need some characters so as soon as we get enough we can then start the story then the sets and props and finally animating them, will XSI convert into max files? Just to make it easier on you unless you dont mind seting up Max?


im in, i use Lightwave though.If you need any sfx i can get that done, i am also available to composite. check out my site for my works.


Thats good cause i dont think anyone else in interested in compositing or sfx so thanks check my site out and see the characters im looking to make and animate, will i be able to view your files and edit them in max?


O and i like your website and works very much! Keep up the good work!


Unfortunately XSI does not export ot .max files, but I can export to .obj files. I thin 3D scenery or objects would be better as it would give us the ability to do interesting things with the camera.


Thats good as i can import .obj into max yeah 3d scenery is better but also harder so if your up for it so am i!
Also i looked at your robot and i really like the shader you used could you tell me how you did it please? Im creating a robot for animation and would like the shader you used.



There is no shader used on the robot, just a lambert material.


I’ll help edit the final product together. I’m skilled with Adobe Premiere, as well as other packages that are a moot point since I don’t own them.


this project needs a storyline and some concept arts. hurry up and get some so we can start.


Ok i have hit the Jockpot

Short Title: THE MAKER

A boy feels left out at school, so he devotes all his time to create a robot to keep him happy and be friends with. He one day brings the robot to school with him and a bunch of his enemies, start to terrorize him and it got the robot angry and it turned out into a all out carnage. The police were called to the scene and the robot started to attach them aswell. And now the Robot was out of control, so the little boy decided its time to terminate its life but the robot denied him access. Night and Day the boy worked again to create a weapon powerful enough to Destroy his Robot Friend.

Feel Free to add to this if you wish.


Sounds cool, but I’m not too sure if mass carnage is the way to go, maybe somthing humourous and more light hearted.


hey Wildfire where in London u from? and is this London UK or London Canada?