The Magic Trick, Max Wahyudi (3D)


Title: The Magic Trick
Name: Max Wahyudi
Country: Canada
Software: Maya, mental ray, XSI, ZBrush

This picture was created mainly for dual screen wallpaper, thats why I chose that composition and its really wide.

I didnt go for the evil look for him, instead I made him look a bit tired and kinda smiling, which doesnt really tell what he going to do next. And I was trying to stay away from being too dramatic with the lighting, expression and stuff because of personal taste :slight_smile:

dual wide screen size (hopefully the link works):

you can check older pictures on my website:

hope you like it,

thank you.



I like it! I like it a lot! Just wow! Cover artwork!



Max, your model of the Joker looks so realistic to me !! so cool man
and i went to ur own personal website and see ur gallery, man they are all look EPIC!!

i really love ur works !

btw, Max could you tell me how to do the miss_fast_skin shader in maya?!@@


great work dude… really outstanding… 5 stars…


Awesome work all around! toprow quality and you earned yourself 5 stars. :slight_smile:


/ Magnus


Wow very realistic :slight_smile: nice nice.


Holly smokes… that is… no words :S

Superb work!!!


Just Perfect… 5* undoubtedly


hi max

Its a nice piece of work. The hair, mouth and materials are good. It certainly looks like the joker.

A few crits.

I also looked at the head model on your website. I think you have under detailed the face. It just doesnt look detailed enough. You could have really worked into the wrinkles.

i also am not feeling the expression. It all feels a bit lifeless.

Still a good piece of work



Brilliant work its beautiful


Great piece Max! I still have to say I prefer the original shot you were working on with him looking passively into the camera. I think there are lighting and shading problems with the scene still - you kinda loose a lot of your detail.

P.S. We’re all still waiting and hoping you have time to explain your hair process in more detail including the shading and the faked shadows (shave shadow passes are a little poor).


Beautifull work. i like the scene, the format of the image and the modelisation.
the mood is really good.
the render is great, but perhaps over saturated.
the dof could have been stronger, the bumps on the hand too.
the things that looks not good for me (in the image you posted here), is the top left part of his head ( where he as no hair). i know he as no hair there, but it looks really strange with this head pose.

i critics, because i like your work …and because i am jalous of your talent :smiley:



really good work so far…the only thing that I can suggest its to try some different lighting setup :wink: 4*


this is so damn skillful, exceptional skill u’ve got


max, you rule man!



thx for the comments :D,

I chose not to go for really dramatic light/expression because a personal taste, I realized it might not look good for a picture, but for my personal wallpaper I like it to be easy to look and lots of empty space :smiley:

'oops, I forgot to apply DOF on the first image link, this is the new one :D




thx again, cheers!



This looks almost photoreal. Your WIP images on the website look awesome! Could you talk more about your workflow and the scene setup? This is way too good.


Absolut cool Joker. I ad to my favourite artist Your portfolio is gr8. Keep it up


Just that with all the work that has gone into the model and likeness it seems a waste that you choose to make an easy going wallpaper.



Great to see it finished, skin with paint looks great, but I am not sure about the hairs and hands, the hairs in your wip looks a lot better, on this render looks too hard and plastic to me.
Hands shader looks a bit hard and dry to me.

I like the composition and render too, it has atmosphere. One of the best characters on cgtalk for sure, most of the rest of them is from you too. : )

btw - what is written on the mirror?