The Magic Portal, Linda Smith (2D)


Title: The Magic Portal
Name: Linda Smith
Country: United States
Software: Photoshop

Haven’t you ever wondered where those bunnies come from that magicians pull out of their hats?

I painted this for a challenge titled The Magic of the Forest. I had a bit of a struggle with the bunny and ended up re-painting it, the first one was quite evil looking. I wanted a friendly bunny :slight_smile: Enjoy and as always crits and comments are welcome.


that is a cute litte bunny, glad you didn’t make him/her evil :smiley: i like the theme a lot. the forest looks good too. beautiful work as always, Linda.


omg what a cute little rabbit! and the forest! how on earth did you do that???
those mushrooms also look good enough to eat :smiley:


Thank you very much Claudia :slight_smile: ha ha yeah I could not live with the evil bunny, but I am working on a quicky evil bunny painting, so go figure lol


Thats is so wounderful. I love the dark atmosphere color with that positive rabbit’s hehe) great contrast , just a bit work on composition. Anyway its one of my fav work from you portfolio already!))


Thank you Timur and kay here is a link to where my wip starts on it if anyone is interested in looking. I am sure those are magic mushrooms kay :slight_smile:


great. I love Wip, and your i guess will be most funnies )) Good Luck


ha ha Timur more like a bit scary , the wip that is :wink:


real nice stuff there, watch out, seems like u mite be gettin better


Thank you squibbit, I can only hope I am improving :slight_smile:


Hi Linda,

Nice and cute work!


why thank you very much kind Sir Neo :slight_smile:


nice work ivy:)totally agreed what squibbit mentioned above too:D


Thank you very much Michael :D, I keep plugging away here ha ha


awww thats one sweet piece linda, love the bunny and the nice magic light :slight_smile:


so very very sorry for the late reply Sacha, thank you lots and lots for the super sweet comment :slight_smile:


I have been fallen in love with the fuzzy fairytale creatures you draw. I would love to have a wall painting filled with eyeballs and fur (I mean the creatures).


ha ha ha Slimy Fanmail is great, love it :smiley: Furry walls would be cool :stuck_out_tongue: Here is a speedy I did a few days ago for the Daily Sketch Forum here , called Lots of Eyes . Thank you very much for the great comment :slight_smile:


Whaha, know I understand your eyeaddiction :wink:
It’s very cool.
Well back to work, no time to wast. Be very productive, and you make the whole world happy with your work.


My fur addiction is actually one of those things I might need a 10 step program for :slight_smile: Thanks again and keep smiling :smiley: