The Machine, Matt Dixon (2D)


Title: The Machine
Name: Matt Dixon
Country: United Kingdom
Software: Photoshop

Well this feels a bit like spam after the amount of exposure this image has received lately, but I promised myself I’d post here once the Master and Servant judging was complete to see what reactions it might attract ‘outside’ of the challenge. As usual, any comments are gratefully received.

It’s also another opportunity to say how much I enjoyed the challenge, particularly the fantastic sense of community that everyone helped to create. Brilliant. Here’s to the next one…!


Oh it’s very nice, I like the whole composition. The only thing bugging me is the right hand of the robot. Just seems a bit odd from here, but it may just be me. Nothing else to add, it’s georgeous.



there u are,u’ve posted it here at last,should be in the cgchoice gallery soon:)congratulation to u again matt,deffinitely one of my fav!


congratulations matt!!! the lighting is cool but I’m wondering where the ‘spotlight’ on the girl come from if the sun appears to have come from behind the robot.

The whole scene is very much like The Iron Giant.

Once again, congratulations!


Hey Matt! Congrats on the runner up! Great piece you have here. I love stuff with good story and meaning and this has both. :thumbsup:


Too bad I only saw this in the end when judging was over, I would’ve loved to have seen the progress. Absolutely beautiful. :slight_smile: Not much else to say really…lol


This is quite an amazing image! It was one of my favorites from the challenge. Congratulations on getting runner’s up! :slight_smile:


Hey Matt,

Missed this one, mate. Excellent as always - it’s always fun to skip through your world :bounce:



What shane said, glad to see you atleast got runner up? I really liked the composition of this pieces and the seperation between modern world and the innocence of youth. I saw the wip thread and it was nice to see some previz sketches before hand. Nice Work Matt

master of the COW- I gotta catch up with your stars man lol





I have too agree about the light too, other than that, it’s well done :thumbsup:


It’s my favorite 2D piece :wink:


fantastic, Matt… I love the colors, light and this great machine


Great job!! great scale and atmosphere…yup its all good.


congratulation Matt … very nice work and excellent idea :thumbsup: … great piece !


Congrats again, Matt. Great work!


this image bears viewing again. nice work Matt! I like the whole concept of the city on the giant’s back… really emphasizes what a huge massive guy he is :slight_smile:


so cute! Really a great work.


Nice! I really enjoy looking at this piece, my eye keeps exploring the factories. The poor girl… is she doomed? Or does she save the heart of the giant an his evil industry? I hope the latter, but I guess it’s usually the other way around. Thanks for posting it.


I love all of the picture.
the colors, light and machine,especially the green around the little girl:)