The Lordz: Napoleonic Total War 2


The Lordz Games Studio

The Lordz are very proud and pleased to announce their new project: The Lordz Games Studio.

This newly founded game developer company can announce its first commercial project: a new Napoleonic strategy game.


For further info just visit, read and register at the new website and forum:

The Lordz Games Studio website (or

The Lordz Games Studio forum (or

Have a look and enjoy,

Lord Zimoa of Flanders


If you have any further questions about the Napoleonic Total War projects please file them here.I will check this forum regularly, and for who is interested we can provide some articles about NTW1 and NTW2 that were reviewed in PC Gamer most recently.

The Lordz


Russian Akhtyrsk Hussars (1812):

French Guard Chasseurs a Cheval (1812):

Cavalry Skirmish between both:

LZoF :wink:


wow, it looks great indeed. I’m a big Total War fan, though I haven’t played Rome yet. Good luck with this mod, these screenshots prove there’s a lot of potential in this.


Some earlier models and textures are being redone.

Russian Jaeger:

Russian Guard and Grenadiers:

LZoF :wink:


Looking very good, I’m curious what are the polycounts and texturemap sizes on those models ?


Texture maps 512x512 (with possible scaling to 256x256).
polycount within 1000 polys (no more 900 usually).



Some more Russian infantry with the new texturing.

LZoF :wink:


So anyone interested in joining up?
There must be some other Napoleonic freaks out there, show yourself.:slight_smile:



Russian Officer and Militia

" We have a duty - to defend our Motherland"

LZoF :wink:


wow, how did you put an axe in the Militia guy? very cool and very fitting I guess (not an authority on Napoleonic wars/Russian Armies) Very nice:)


Russian Dragoons

Russian Cuirassiers



The Lordz Forum and Website will be offline untill further notice because of some technical problems.
We are working very hard to restore the situation and apologize for the inconvenience.

The Lordz


We are moving the Lordz website and forum to other servers.
Although not all functions are working yet, the Lordz website is still offline but will be available again hopefully next week.Be patient please we will be fully operational again soon.



Happy to announce the Lordz forum is back online at:

The website is still down as we are still working on it.Just a matter of time and we are lock and loaded once again!
We missed you all!




We are looking for a good illustrator/cartoonist who would be interested in making custom unit cards based on contemporary Napoleonic units.
We can provide enough reference material so a good knowledge about the Napoleonic uniforms is not required , but it is only a plus if you do love this period of excellent military tailorship.
Basically we look for someone with his own style to sketch and draw unit cards that will be used, together with a unit description, to give more detailed information and visual background with the units/models we make for the game.

If you are interested, please send me a mail.(Mail address can be found in my profile when you click on my avatar.)




Russian General

LZoF :wink:


Awesome work in here. I really loved Rome:TotalWar, and I’m sure this mod will kick some ass when it’s done.

A suggestion for the general: I don’t know about the poly-budget for this little fella, but maybe you could consider giving his sword some more detail. Now it’s quite squarish so to say.
And the eyes of the horse are a bit weird. Both the positioning and the actual look of it.

Good luck with the project! :slight_smile:


Thank you m8, working on both issues.



Work-in-progress shot showing the new trees, animation, sky and ground textures.