the Little Monster Brigade



a pic of my little monsters, there will be four or five of them later but here they are so far.
please tell me what you think, this is my first 2D post.



thanks for all the crits/feedback…


Hmm…I think these guys live down the street…

Good job. I like the first image better than the second though. The shadows are a bit intense on the second and you look like you have doubled a layer as there is some odd overshading or something that’s going on which is rather hard on the eyes. The firs thas less severe lighting methinks.

Ok, let’s see 'em in 3D now !


I really like them as they are now, but if 3D was your plan all along then go for it! The style reminds me of a Simpson’s/Gorillaz cartoon hybrid. Only suggestion is that the circles on their chests should be white with the red characters on top, kind of like a super-suit for derranged little children. Cool!


thanks for the crits, the white backing is a good idea

if i do them in 3d i’ll make them very simple.


all of there eyes and bodies are too simular. love


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