The Library, Laurent Ménabé (3D)


Title: The Library
Name: Laurent Ménabé
Country: France
Software: Maya, mental ray, Photoshop

Hello, this is my last environment render.
It’s a mix between a library and a cathedral.
As always, all c&c are welcome.

>> Hi resolution image <<


wow, that’s incredibly vast and impressive!awesome detail and fantastic render.5 stars for me.


holy library…huge…not only environment,but the work itself…amazing…love the atmosphere you’ve created…5 stars from me


hey great job, i don’t know why but i feel like this kind of library would be like in the soviet Union or somthing, any way great job



Fantastic detail, and the mood is great. The lighting makes it seem like it is underground, but at the same time there is lots of light spilling from the door, so it couldn’t be.

Either way, I’m enjoying it.


Wow…i haven’t seen such a nice work for ages… it realy throws me of as a an watcher of it. The taste of shear emptiness and vast and huge hallrooms. youve made it wel.

If i would have to crit on it, it would be the massive torches on the walls. They must be at least flames of 2 meter to 2,5 meters. I think its a bit big to be on a wall, but hey it isnt impossible i guess.

wel done…




*awesome:eek:…i hope this gonna happen anywhere in the world…i will visit to!:bounce:


wow ! ! amazing too ! ! !excellent concept and design , i dont forgetthe light ,excellent too
very nice pieces ! !this rocckkkkkk ! ! !! !



I love that mode

Great work!


impressive work
great modelling and texturing
i love the atmosphere
nice feeling of space too
congratulations, thats nicely done


The mood is great. Nice detail and volume light. Great job


This is a realy amazing piece of work you got there my friend. I realy like the atmosphere and the cold look of the picture.

Realy cool!!

Would love to see the wire!



I think there is a slight problem with the proportions here, when i first looked at the picture i didn’t realize how big the library really is, mostly because of the torches and chandelieres. Then i realized how small the people, bookshelves and every thing else is.

Another critic i have is that Hercules like statue, i think it has no place in a library, especially in such a cathedral style one. But that’s just my personal opinion.


WoW, Great work, I like monumental places very much, 5stars :applause:


Excelent work man!!! congrat. :thumbsup:


good atmosphere and good lighting.

la seul critique c’est le probleme d’echelle dans tes torches, sinon beau taf de lighting


The proportions are throwing it off. The size of the chandellers and wall lighting seem off, even if they were as large as they are portrayed to be they would be too high off the ground to do thier job. The size of the bricks versus the size of the people, the size of the arch ways versus the size of the people. The thing that really drew my eye was bookshelves (with books larger than people) on the walls.

I like the idea, the amount of detail and it has an interesting mood - but I think it needs a little re-working.



Really great- love the color and lighting. Can’t think of anything to critque- just a great work.



Hey, thank you everybody for thus great feedback !! :slight_smile:
I post the wire and the concept sketch.


I love the sketch- your final is great too- but I kind of like the warmth in the sketch lighting. As for the proportions- I think they are fine. Maybe its a bit unreal- but I think it feels like the intention is to be so. I don’t look at this and think of my typical college library, and I don’t think I am meant to. The proportions seem massive- but appropriate.