The LEGO® Movie - Official Main Trailer


But based on real LEGOs so not really a ‘stretch’ at all. Just an opportunity.
I know from first hand as a father that the DC lego’s are popular today-so if anything the movie is simply being contemporary.


It’s probably more what you’d call final layout, which is also what we call it here department wise.

Layout in CG movies is very much like previz and principal photography without the lighting. You then move to animation, and while best attempts are made, to let the shots pan out and breath naturally you often need to defeat the camera a bit as forcing the animation to the frame normally compromises the shot at some level.

After that camera work, lenses and all are tweaked and refined to some extent (final layout), and then a final stereo pass (the second part of lensing) is done for convergence, cross-shot transitions and so on.


Thanks for the clarification!


Ahhh I miss MayaMan :frowning:


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