The LEGO® Movie - Official Main Trailer


New Trailer for The LEGO Movie has just been released!


Morgan Freeman yay.


love it, I just had to find out if this was really good cg or stopmotion, but seems it was both!

Lord and Miller confirmed at the San Diego Comic-Con International 2013 that the film will combine stop-motion and computer animation.

(guessing only the facial animation and effects is CG, rest stop motion? must’ve been a hell of a lot of work, the stop-motion animations are really smooth)


Nope, that comment is a misquote of what Chris and Phil said. They said there is a live action part, not a stop motion one. The journalist assumed photographic stop motion.
Every single pixel of that trailer is CG.


that’s actually incredible, thanks for the insight!


I think everybody here is wearing it as a badge that the trailer is constantly mistaken for actual photography :slight_smile:


The visual quality is definitely superb! I really liked those ring explosions at the end.


OMG!! Have you seen the broken helmet of the blue astronaut? like it used to happen with the original part from the 80s! Childhood dreams come true…


I am really looking forward to this.
And its cool my son just got a few of those figures for his birthday.
Batman and a ‘bat boomerang’ in particular.

He’s gonna see this even if I have to drag him. :applause:


Looks really fantastic, the look is really well done and it’s nice that everything is actually made out of Lego.


Super visual quality, I was SURE some of it was stop-motion! :buttrock:

Definitely gong to skip out on work to see this when it comes out! :twisted:


Yeah, it’s pretty entertaining reading people bickering about what’s cg/stop mo.


Outstanding visuals. Looks like a step up.

I actually laughed for once at the humor in a cg anim movie (invisible jet) hehe

Excellent work guys.


What the tool/renderer used in production, Raf?
Really looking forward to it.


There’s a lot more propietary stuff than usual this time around, makes it tricky to comment.
Commercial software wise Rigging/Layout/Animation/Lensing is Softimage. Surfacing/Lighting/Rendering is Maya, Mari, PRMan. FX is Houdini.

In many cases though they were barely OGL rendering or file output windows to propietary solutions, so I’ll have to hold the specifics.


I still think there was a conscious effort to bring in DC characters into this LEGO movie… But it does look like a ton of fun. :slight_smile:

It really has that vibe of “Kids playing toys making stories with them”.


Very interesting.
I thought most big studios have jumped to Arnold these days.


Great stuff. I love it!


Really looking forward to this, although this being deemed a kids movie will probably mean
It won’t be distributed in its original language over here…
But BTW: what do you mean by “lensing”?


Never thought I would like a lego movie but that trailer was really cool. It looks absolutely gorgeous too.