The Leg - Post Your Leg Studies - 2D / 3D TRADITIONAL AND DIGITAL



This thread is dedicated to the study of THE LEG / LEGS in 2D / 3D TRADITIONAL AND DIGITAL MEDIA.

Please post your best LEG STUDIES here!

[b][u]Please post:

[/u][/b]1. Your BEST WORK!
2. Medium used
3. Time spent to complete
4. A bit about your process

Thanks in advance for your posts! :slight_smile:



Similar to the img I posted in the ‘head/neck’ thread, I’m trying to learn muscle systems.

Time: 45 minutes
Medium: Black Pilot P-500 series pen
Method: using a few different anatomy books as reference


Hi guys, currently working on legs. I´m a total noob tho, hope i fit in here. If you haven´t figured out, im doing 100legs. I can post my progress here if you like.


Hi linus_liljegren,

post updates - its great to see how progess goes. who knows what your legs will be like in 100 drawings time - well done for making a start.




Congrats on being the first to post in this thread!! I commend you! :slight_smile: I am happy to see this kind of project in action, indeed, it will be great to see as you progress in your studies. :slight_smile:

You definitely fit in here, our forum is for beginners as well as professionals, and we are all here to learn. So I really encourage you to post your work and share with everyone your process. :slight_smile:

Thanks for posting these! I too look forward to seeing what that 100th leg will look like! :0



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