the last robot , Ahmed AL Barazengi (3D)


Title: the last robot
Name: Ahmed AL Barazengi
Country: United Arab Emirates

This picture is telling the story of the last robot live after World War for robots
This image was done in 3d max2009 .rendered with mental ray .composed in After Effects .I hope you like it.
comments are most welcome.
Thanks very much all


Very nice work :thumbsup:

Haider T.Najeeb


nice work.


nice work
i like the idea
one note …it’s so clean for a last robot …needs some dert
-Regards :slight_smile:


This is a sweet render. On an art direction critique, I’d think that the robot would be a little banged up after a world war…


nice work!
i likes the robots so much. :slight_smile:


[left]i think he change Damaged parts of his body before picking Picture ha ha ha[/left]
[left]thanks junghoonjoe for your comments :slight_smile: [/left]


Hello thank you very much for all comments


very good work i like it very much

u a great abu shahab

good luck 4 ever :beer:


great work!! 5 stars from me :slight_smile:


Good work, but i think the scale is not so real, seems to be a very little robot, probably for the size of clockworks or an incorrect depth of field, seems like the robot would be 10-inch and not so big… but probably was what you wanted.


very good work man 5 from me:thumbsup:


very nice detalisation
How much time you spent for this?


Nice lighting and textures!

But I don’t think this robot will survive long, he doesn’t look fit enough for survival…


Very nice character. the image looks great!


thank you very much man :scream:
this one take from me 6 dayes work


Hello thank you very much for all comments:scream:


wow man you did great work .very nice 5 staars from me


No man you mistake Because the Robot was Pro Bodybuilder but now he stop training in GYM befor tow years and he is very strong Believe me man ha ha ha :thumbsup:


nice work:thumbsup:
my 2 cents

A- he looks brand new. no dirt or any sign he was in battle

B- the compote of the background is not there yet, you can still till its a background (not blended in)

overall very nice piece