The Last Of The Leaves, Meats Meier (3D)


Title: The Last Of The Leaves
Name: Meats Meier
Country: United States
Software: ZBrush

This image was created using the 2.5d Pixol technology in Zbrush. All elements were created seperately using (not so) primitives and then masking and extruding individual parts and then placed onto the image in 3d space.
After the image is complete, I render several different passes (within Zbrush), such as shadow, specualar, color, etc. and then composite them together in Photoshop. I make use of the Z depth pass that Zbrush allows you to grab from it’s canvas to add depth and fog effects, and to combine a few different color passes.
This image took me roughly two days to complete, but I am getting faster at placing objects onto the canvas, so in the future it will be easily faster to complete an image like this, especially because my library of completed primitives is growing.
The beauty of Zbrush and Pixols in general are that once a 3d object is placed onto the canvas, they become light as a feather memory wise, allowing you to fill the canvas with many millions of polygons with very little slow down. This particular image (if I was counting) would probably total 30+ million polygons. But, like I say, I don’t have to count with this 2d/3d hybrid program…
Final render size 3200x4096 pixels, prints will be around 3 feet x 4 feet long.


Beautifully composed and executed, as always. Thanks for including some notes on your process… they are very appreciated for admirers of your work.

2 days! Ack!


Thanks for sharing,


This is absolutely Gorgeous!


Thanks Tencendur and celedine!

I forgot to post the close-ups, so here they are:

Thanks for any feedback!


You are insanse! Give this man front page! :slight_smile:


I have no words … :applause:


…WOW… great modeling !!! :thumbsup:


Not much style variation from your usual stuff, but that doesnt stop it from being amazingly detailed and unique! Nice work on the details - theyre insane!
My only serious crit is that the robots legs are kinda lost amongst the dead trees and other bits. Maybe make the ground more earthy and organic in colour - or was it your intention to make it blend with the robot?
Ive always wondered how exactly you do all these intertwined wires and mechanical bits - maybe you could do a tutorial?


Well Meats did it again!
As always absolutely a masterpiece!
:applause: :applause: :applause:


Wonderful piece. I love all the details. :eek:


Very well, it is a difference, and is recognized…


OH GAWD,u shocker!! :argh::argh::argh::bowdown:


great,great,piece and wow, love the details :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


great work man:thumbsup::thumbsup:
keep it up


Very impressive work and beautiful theme!

inimitable style!!


Three words,

Oh, My, God!

2 DAYS!?? You are absolutly insane, did you sleep? better yet, DO you sleep? How much coffee did you consume?

Someone put on the timelpase camera and watch him go, just amazing man, wonderful indeed.


You’re too good dude, too good. Love the detail in every piece you’ve created. :thumbsup:

Do you find it easier to create your art in Zbrush than in other 3D packages?


I have much respect for Meats. This image and the gargoyle tower(I think that’s what it was) inspired one of my pieces. I recommend fishing the web for that image(vague statement). It may be unfinished, but it has all the Meats quality to it, as much as this one here.


As good as possible!
thats your style! no way!


interesting design, nice work. :slight_smile: