The last move, Jose Mª Lazaro (3D)


My Friend … this is awesome!

I´ve some questions. About the hair, how did you get this result? You render in Mental Ray?
Could you post some configurations?
In a general way, how many time took the render?

And, congratulations… that was really amazing! 5*


Great work. Nice job




Excellent work! - A great technical and artistic achievment.
Five stars.


This looks fantastic. Did you do the whole model by any chance? I would love to rig something like this for you if you are interested? Would take a bit based on how busy I am but I would like to see this moving.


Its lovely work :slight_smile:



Great work Ballo 5 stars here. Also it’s good to see someone do an Africam American actor/person. You don’t see that too often. Good job.


Wonderful Job Jose Congrats !


Great image Ballo !! … congrats !!! :wink:


Hey Jose!!

Very good work, as usual. Hope to see your next piece.

Un saludete tio!



Magnifico! :bowdown:


just one word that suit to you…remarkable…


Awesome work!:applause:
Five stars!


Nice work !. 5 stars


Heyy ballo… Very nice work, I like very much the lighting…Congrats for the front page…:applause:


great work


¡Bravísimo! :applause:

Ballete, send an email to Mr Freeman, he must to know this excellent piece of art.

Congratulations on completing it.

7 stars for you :beer:


amazing piece


Brilliant work!! I love the details.:applause:


Hey Ballo!! :applause:

Amazing work dude!! Congrats for the AWARD!!
I hope you find a good job soon.:wink:

Muy bueno tio, me mola to. Espero que encuentres un curro guapo por allí… y luego me enchufes a mi, je, je.
Un abrazo tio.


this is a master piece :applause: :applause: :applause: , 4567454654646 stars from me :smiley: