The last move, Jose Mª Lazaro (3D)


Man, I cant wait to reply on this… mmm… ( I can’t called this work ) Sorry, but really I don’t know what I called this …
Anyway … very excelent reallity… I think 5 stats it little to you …


This is a fantastic render!!


I already said what I think of this masterpiece but I wish to ask the people who voted with 3 stars what are their arguments. The simple math shows that there are many people who voted like this and I’ve seen this tendency to underscoring a thread so many times… I can understand someone voting with 4 stars although it would be a little odd but 3 stars?! Come on!


Congratulations on the CG Choice Award! WELL DESERVED!:bounce:


Outstanding work!!


Great work!



Absolutely amazing work. Sure you did a great tribute. I love the lighting.

Un currazo increible.



You are the greatest one :wink:


Hi Ballo:

This is truly an amazing job, in every aspect. Congratulations. A lot of stars for you.


P.D. Un abrazo tío, está espectacular



Unreal…very nice work! :applause:


Excellent job! A really beautiful picture and great mood to the piece.


nice work man,deserve to be in front page also award

keep it up


Super work!

The only thing that doesn’t look right are the eyes. They look a tiny bit cross-eyed, but only in the final image. The actual model doesn’t show this. I guess it’s the perspective. Maybe I’m the one who’s cross-eyed. :smiley:

Still, 5 star work!!


Great in everysense! I agree this lighting makes his eyes look kinda weird but…me likez :arteest:


YES!! Ballo you got the plug :bowdown:

Well done this work deserves to be seen. Superb work my friend! :buttrock:

and an instant award!! Rock and roll! Nice one! You deserve it :applause:


Amazing job ballo, congratulations :slight_smile:


it doesn’t look like the beard is casting self shadows.
and it would be nice if his eyes were looking more straight at someone/something, versus up toward the ceiling.

Nice otherwise


Nice work!! A impresive image… finally, we can see all years that you was working with Mudbox and Zbrush. I love the warm light, the earth colors and the final postproduction. Maybe Morgan Freeman have or seems to be a little strabismus, no?

P.D. Me cagon la leche… la polla! 5 estrellas que te doy porque no hay más!



stunning details!
keep up the good work.
nice to hear a lil bit about the progress of the image.


I agree.

But nevermind. Fantastic Job anyway.