The last move, Jose Mª Lazaro (3D)


Amazing work! I love the attention to detail, and all the little dust and tiny hairs on the hat and the jacket. The only thing that is standing out is the bump on the fingers, it seems a bit too strong and with high frequency, making him look much older.


judging by the great quality of this piece you’ve gone a long way and the time you spent working on it was worth it! I’d love to see some details of the process like wires and so on and I have no crits at all. Well deserved 5 stars!


Great works! The figure was realistically painted!


Frontpage!! :bounce::applause::bowdown:


Wow, this is too great. 5 stars!


Awesome job.



Fantastic render all the way around. I especially love the lighting and the detail on the cloth. Great skin tones too. I’m not sure if I find the convergence point of his eyes to be too close in front of him; I might just be imagining that. 5*


good job!
5 stars


so real - 5*


Simply amazing,
an tour de force !Thanks


that´s simply insane! 5 stars. (I´m wondering how anybody could give less than 5 stars…)



Lighting is awesome!


oh bravo bravo great job man…love it



Congrats for this beautiful work!!..great portrait,nice modeling, textures and lighting


Mamonaco, donde te metes??Te ha quedado muuuy guapo, niño…felicidades!
Un besazo y un abrazo de todo por aki ;D



great job on Morgan. I love the mood and lighting. Very film noir indeed :applause: !


yes this is it ! :wip:


wow! 5 stars from me too, I love it!
I really like the mood of it.


Thanks people, I’m very happy you like it. I’ve worked a lot in this picture and I think this is the best reward.:buttrock:

Yes, friends told me they found the eyes a little strange, like a cross-eyed person, but the eyes are good in the model. Probably this is a optical illusion.

Infinite, thank you man,

Aesir, thank you!, the card has the same size than one spanish card. I don’t know if it has the same size for another country´s card.

Thanks Nbojana, I think the same with the hands, very old. But the hand has improved as before it looked like an animal´s hand. It was much worse.

Hi! Trini, I´m very good I was at holidays but now I finished my vacations and I have to find a job…hahahaha
I hope you are ok! Un beso guapa, abrazos para todos!


Zbrush Captures:


If anything deserves a CG Choice award, it’s this… :applause: :applause: :applause: :buttrock:


it’s him! :applause:
very well done work man!
i like skin details on face and head…
very nice eye and fur.
the lighting it’s good, but in my opinion the shadow on the face it’s too much dark since the card light direction is different.

very cool!