The last move, Jose Mª Lazaro (3D)


Title: The last move
Name: Jose Mª Lazaro
Country: España
Software: 3ds max, BodyPaint, mental ray, Photoshop, ZBrush

At last, I finished my Morgan Freeman project. I’m very happy with the result. I’ve been trying to make a film noir tribute with this fantastic actor.

I see I’m better modeler and texture artist now. I started this project long time ago, probably two years ago but I couldn’t finish it because I have a lot of work and I needed to improve my skills.

The process is classic. 3dsmax for the poly modeling, then mudbox although I changed to zbrush for the high res model. Textures in bodypaint and photoshop, and postproduction in photoshop.

The hair is Hair&Fur, the default hair system in Max.


zbrush captures. You can see my personal page.


very, very, very, VERY (did I said very?) impressive work!!! 5 stars at least :slight_smile:


Very good light and realistic look cool:beer:


WOW! :lightbulb

My only comment is that his right eye (screen right) seems a little strange…like that side of his face is sticking too far out or something…I dunno…it might be nothing, and I probably wouldn’t have noticed it had someone just told me it was a frame out of his latest film :smiley:


Very clean and very detailed! The background and smoke added create an excellent mood that fits this piece well! Congrats on finishing a very strong work. 5*


awasome again :drool:

5 stars, the award is yours ballete :wink:


to the front pg

5 starts


Wow amazing. I love this pic. Great work. Definitely 5 stars!


Amazing work! U are the man! Monster! SO NICE! U are in my favs now!


Amazing realistic work!!! Congrats!


Fantastic work man,skin,lighting,textures everything great! :bowdown:


very cool :stuck_out_tongue:


awasome …:beer: great work man 5 stars from me


His eyes are fine :wink:

Great job hope this goes far and the mods pick it up ! Great work :smiley:


5 stars. amazing work.

Can you post some wires or something to see how you did it?

Love the lighting and the texture work.


great work , really like the overall image
maybe a tad to dark on the nose/eye area but that personal taste
keep it up and 5 stars from me :slight_smile:


this is amazing.



very cinematic

I would live to see some wires:blush:


That card is too small… other than that, I like it.


such a great job… especially like the fuzz from the jacket. Should get front page.
5* from me