The last knight, Carsten Holtmann (3D)


Nice! Great model, great textures, great composition and lighting, congrats!


As already said somewhere else: Juter Stoff.


Hi, there is no secret about the skinshader. I use the Brazil Skin with default settings, but i disabled the highlightshader (phong, blinn,…) and use oil and wetness with extra maps
instead. I also activate (glossy) raytraced reflections with an enviromentmaped sphere.
Hope this will help :slight_smile:



Fantastic work!

5 stars!


Ultra realestic 5*
the armor need more reflection
Good job man :slight_smile:


Beautiful portrait, really! :thumbsup:

I love it!

from me! :applause:


but something is a bit strange in the eyes, particulary the right one…
anyway, good work


cool one ! the face is really good.

how did you done the hair ?



As already said in the german 3dmax-Forum: Sehr geil gemacht :slight_smile:

Congratz to the frontpage-plug! :bounce:


awesome work!!



I live the finish to the render - how much of it is Braxil and how much of it is Photoshop?


Hey Banshee!

Das mit dem frontpage-plug habe ich jetzt erst bemerkt.
Vielen Dank!

(ah, ze germans!)


congrats for front page Carsten !


the general shading and colors are Brazil, but i altered contrast ,saturation and tweaked the lighting in photoshop. I also added some grain for the look itself.

Best regards,



What can i say… Amazing picture…


Great work, really great. I don’t like so much expression on his face, but anyway great job :thumbsup:


Old painting style-like portrait, with 3D… very nice!

No crits, very good ! Congratulations !


Very nice! Very well done! It has an oil panting feel to it. I like it.

Perhaps you should’ve had him look straight at the camera, though. I think him looking away takes a bit from the picture, but that’s nit-picking.

Good stuff. :thumbsup:



Beautiful work!


Amazing work! Really beautiful. My only crit is the eyes look a bit crossed eyed, or like he is looking at something fairly close to him. Superb model though! :smiley: 5 stars.