The last knight, Carsten Holtmann (3D)


Title: The last knight
Name: Carsten Holtmann
Country: Germany
Software: 3ds max, Brazil r/s, Photoshop, ZBrush

I used Zbrush for the Head (modeling and texturing) The amor is simple polymodeling done in 3dmax. I used Brazil for rendering and Photoshop for some color adjustments. I´m doing character´s just for fun and to improve my skills.
I hope you´ll like it and critique is always welcome!


hm no critics for me except the eyes, whole image looks good. 5 star for me, keep it up.


wow !
Great details and Mood !
Deserve 5, I think…


very nice detailed work:thumbsup:


well done :thumbsup: really like his expression !


somehow, he looks a little like Sean Connery…

Congratulations, great char! for armor ornaments: did you use also ZBrush or regular bump mapping?



holy crap it looks real!!! great work


This is amazing piece, 5 stars :thumbsup:


Thank you for your nice comments :slight_smile: In fact i used some pics of Sean Connery as a reference for the face. But i lost some likeness as i added the beard and made him bald.
For the Armor i used simple bump mapping.


…juutjemacht, Carsten :slight_smile:

-cheerZ- :wavey:


Amazing image, the light and model is impressive



One of the best images I´ve seen in quite a long time. Great job.


Dwarf before the battle


Most impressive! 5* image for certain.

Could You tell something about the skin shader You’ve produced for this work? - if that’s no secret :slight_smile:
I’d be very thankfull for some technical specification.



Beautiful work! 5*! He really somehow looks like sean connery! Maybe there’s a liltle bit too much light on the bald patch.


i love the details on the armor.
setting and lightning is very good!
only thing u might work on is his gaze…
anyway, 5* work.


Very nice work indeed.

He looks a bit like a cross between Sean Connery and John Malkovich.

The only thing i can see is that maybe, just maybe, his wrists and hands may be just a little bit too small. ?

Apart from that - Spot on!


cool work!
It seems he has got a strong character, that makes him very believable.

wish to seee more from you soon :thumbsup:


Good work! The only thing I can say. Maybe hi looks to modern for the knight? His face, hair … Perhaps it need to be more medieval. Anyway - excellent! Keep it up!:thumbsup:


Hats off to you man, really amazing! One of the best 3d models I have ever seen.


For some reason his hands look small to me. Nice job!:thumbsup: