The Last Journey, Toni Bratincevic (3D)


Title: The Last Journey
Name: Toni Bratincevic
Country: Croatia
Software: Digital Fusion, Maya, mental ray, Photoshop

Chapter 93 from diary: My last journey to Earth.

"The gods left us. Angels, they said … we created you to be our right hand, the ones who pursue our goal to raise biological life all over the universe. And from the beginning it was as they said, until now. Billions of years passed since the creation, but we never foresee that our masters can leave us. We, the angels, are all that are left behind in upper world. Our fathers left us after those apocalyptical events started. Only piece they left behind is a temple in which they lived from the time of creation. But, the universe is coming to end. All the life which we raised through the universe has disappeared. Only few planet, out of billions, are still alive, and we still visit them from time to time to raise belief in gods. But belief in what!.. if intelligent biological life only knew how our masters used us all … how they created all life to serve them and not to praise it. All that life energy which was drained from belief in them … if they know what great deception that was. I am ashamed of my fathers. The Earth, a planet which was one of the most beautiful in the universe is at his last decade. I visited Earth so many times before … I was her guardian, and I will be her guardian this last time. This is my last visit, a journey to Earth, a decision to share the destiny of life at that planet. "


Wow, that is really nice. I love the archictechure. IMO it would be just as good if you got rid of the character and just had a render of the building. Keep up the good work!


I really liked this piece. As stated before, excellent detailing in the architecture of the structure in the BG. Good light setup as well. A job well done!


Outstanding job on the modeling, very impressive details. Great work on the lighting at the bottom and the tree. 4 stars! :smiley:


Very nice modeling! I think you should work more on texturing the background though, it looks untextured.


Fantastic modeling



i like the castle and the story

4 star!


As you know, I’m a real fan of your realization Toni…

…the architectural power with the mind power of the guy give us a kind of duality just contrasted by these few touches of vegetation and trees… just impressive, I really like that…
Cheers man :wavey:


ohoh , really nice picture!!:slight_smile:


Wow! That’s really nice!
***** Stars!
Keep it up :slight_smile:

best regards, B3liar



As I did mention in the W I P, the Architectural model is amazing. If Details is a winner then you are the GOD. Turly, it’s eye-catching monument. In truth god’s would love to live here.

like the foreground also a lot. Overall toooooo goood. I am sure you are on of the Winners:thumbsup:. 5 Stars.


WOW! realy good picture!.. Everytime I see a huge building like that I am thinking of how you guys make those things. Do you first draw out all the walls or do you start modelling and see where it goes?

realy great!


definitely a WOW! picture. incredible feat, Toni. that building is mind bogglingly amazing.


Great work. very impressive details Congratulations!! :applause:
4 stars :thumbsup:


Bloody amazing work mate!

My crit is that as much as I try to, I don’t like the character in the foreground and I feel that Earth is pretty lacklustre.

I’m not sure if you feel you need it on order to sell the image - but anyways, it’s great stuff and will be my Windows backdrop for a few days ::slight_smile:


It doesn’t look untextured to me.


TraceR …
Yes I know … the scene could be the same quality without the character but this challenge requires this so. Thanks for comment.

G-mL …
Thanks. BTW as for the light setup, there is only one main directional light and one HDRI, and this gives light to everything. There are also some smaller lights, for monk and the stones near the planet.

Necksmasher …

You are probably right. The could be more textures at back building. But time was the main problem here, and this model is pretty big. :slight_smile:

Billabong …

kke …
Well, glad you like the story. :slight_smile:

Lemog …
Thanks Lemog, once more. :thumbsup:

dolphinzzz …
And a nice comment. Thanks.

mmmmm… 5 stars … great :thumbsup:

Inxa …
That “god would love to live here” is unique comment, and probably one of the best till now. :wink: Thanks for that, and for 5 stars.

Andre …
Well, I made a lot exploration on gothic architecture before I started to build this. A tons of pictures passed through my computer. After that I had a foggy vision about what this should be… and then I start to block things with basic models to get the form after that I begin to refine them and model in details. You can drop by my thread at challenge and see how it developed.


Holy 3d…Perfect job man.Amazing details.Good luck.


fluvirus …
Thanks man. :slight_smile:

shakes …
Tnx … so much people like the building … maybe someone will make one few thousand years from now. :slight_smile:

guntherbraas …
:thumbsup: Thanks man…

mynewcat …
Nobody likes the character. :slight_smile: But yes I admit it is not on the same level as other models. I must practice organic modelling these months so I can be ready for next challenge.


You know, the character wouldn’t be so bad - but then that globe he’s shooting his magic bolt into (!) - maybe if that was on some kind of stand and more integrated with the scene that whole area might work a little better.

But you know, I don’t think you need that at all - this is one of thos eimages I really like to stare at and explore and use my imagination with.