The (last) Flight Of A Mouse, Igor Kudryavtsev (3D)


this is great! nice idea, great lightning and textures.



nice idea…is it for a short movie?



Brilliant. Definitely one of the greatest indy-CG characters I’ve seen.


hehe, so cool !!


hehe, very funny! :thumbsup:

it’s a bit like the bavarian “wolpertinger” :slight_smile: -


Ahh, thats so awesome, i love it. Great work, very imaginative:thumbsup:


hey,this is realy COOL :bounce: :bounce: :applause: :applause: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


yeesssssssss ! !! too funny ! !


Very nice to see a different take on things. You must a great sense of humour yourself.
Well done.



Good stuff. Have you seen these?



Now show us the aftermath of his flight… :smiley:


Funny, clever, witty, that’s excellent!


Really good work, man… but… that strange nose and mouth make me wonder if it´s a Wuzzle or has been exposed to radioactivity. :smiley:


Impressive work !
That’s so funny, and realistic.

Ps: Why has you he a nose as it ? :eek:


Great work buddy, especialy love that russian feel, and the originaly russian tree - Berezka :wink:

I’m russian as well, so that warms my heart alot to see such a masterpiece around here being produced by one of the russians :wink:


ghehe cool creature! one small maybe not so important detail. The tree is on the left over-exposed. and i can’t see that on the creature. It can be just me.

Greetz “over-weighted” Mark


Hehe, brilliant character. Great use of imagination :smiley:
I really like this piece :thumbsup:


Héhéhé too funny !

Exelent job :thumbsup: --> *****


:applause: :scream: wit - cool ! Great work man! :-))


really cool work, but I prefer this one :
but, the both are too funny. What a weird face for this mouse !:thumbsup: