the largest and most intensive treatment of linear perspective available online


Hi yesterday I was reading through the “meet the artist” threads here and after looking though Scott Robertson’s q&a I gathered persepective (taking industrial design?) is really important to artists…Surprisingly I stumbled onto a site that is filled with overwhelming info on this subject matter and some good reads about colour and artsy stuff
Check it
Bruce MacEvoy’s Website: HandPrint


aha, his pages on color information is something I’ve been looking for, thanks.


whoa…thanks a lot man…this site is amazing
been looking for something detailed like that too…i need to start learning the basics more seriously


Brilliant site! Thanks very much for posting.

We can never have too much of this kind of thing…


And some food for thought on a different kind of perspective:

(the author of seems to rather disagree that spherical perspective is useful, but I guess he’s talking mainly about purely 2d images, not 2d paintings for compositing purposes etc.)


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