The Lady with a serval cat WIP


An old painting I’ve planned to finish… I know that it’s close to being finished but I still have decided to post it here because I don’t really see my mistakes since I’ve worked on it for too long :slight_smile:

For now, I’ve spent 20 hours approximately on it, I’ve not used reference except for the serval cat (I have browsed some serval cat images using google image, but I’ve not copied any one of them, I’ve just used them to understand Serval cats anatomy).

Actual step :


I got the news about this while I was browsing at ‘deviantART’ (where I left a comment). You have to be from another planet, because no human could do all that you do and never sleep!:eek: (music, art, photography, etcetra!)

This is looking so good already! I’m am so looking forward to the final product.



haha, thank you Colt :smiley: It’s an older painting I’ve decided to finish though, I had worked a lot on it before posting it here :wink:


It just seems like you never take time to rest!

She is awesomely beautiful already. I’m gonna be patient (well, patient for me), so…no pressure!:smiley:



I think that I can finish it today or tomorrow, maybe the day after tomorrow so it may not take too long before I finish it :wink:
Thanks again !
And I can’t rest… I feel sad when I can’t paint :slight_smile:


This is great - I love the combination of the woman and the cat, there’s something so whimsical and captivating about it. Those colours are gorgeous too. Can’t wait to see more.


I’m impressed by the level of detail you put on your drawings, this in particular. My goodness!
:eek: I hope you’ll post some intermediate updates before the final version. It’s nice to see how the work goes on. Congratulations! :love:


Great work as always and amazing detail. Really love her eyes:love:


Great work. I love the way you paint her face. It looks very realistic. Ah, and the lips are sexy too. =)


The eyes of both her’s and the cat’s are fantastic! :thumbsup: Can’t wait to see this finished.


Thank you very very much for your feedback people, much appreciated! :slight_smile:

An update :

And for the ones who would wonder why I painted this, it’s just something to practise hair, fur, leaves, lighting, etc, for fun (I know that it’s “another bust painting of a lady” but I’ll post different things later, for now I’m just trying to have fun while practising to improve my painting skills :slight_smile: )
It’s also inspired by Lady with an Ermine painted by Leonardo da Vinci :slight_smile:

You can see some serval cats references I’m using HERE and THERE , I’m using more, to see them just type “serval cat” and do a google image search :slight_smile:


I wanted to try a different composition, do you think that it looks better?

The background is still very sketchy, I might add a city or something else… some animals, houses, etc… maybe.


O ooooOOooohhh…!!!

Saint Demons…!!!

This last works is REAL HEAVY ROCK… :buttrock: woooowwWW…!!!

Wow…!! you have a very amazing inspiration…!!
I like it so much… over all your hair painted style and your brights, eyes, lips ( :B~ ), dress decoration, butterflies, flowers, colors… god…!!
well… the cats is uncomplete… but is a minor detail…!! :stuck_out_tongue:

congratulations again Dianae ^-^*
nice too see your art a new one more time…!!


While I loved the classical portrait type framing, the new one is something different and it looks great too… I honestly can’t tell you which I prefer, sorry! My favourite part: Her eyebrow piercings, they’re so elegant and fit her face perfectly.


It looks inredible!!! How I wish that I could paint like you:)

I’m not really sure about the background though. In the original compositon I focus just on the woman and the cat, and I think I like it better. With the new background it just doesn’t seem as stricking.


…watching the evolution of this piece. As for the new BG concept, I can’t really think of anything you could put in it that would not detract from attention to the Lady and her feline friend. Granted, since I am not an artist, my ‘artistic’ imagination is probably lacking. Have you been considering something specific for it?

BTW, I absolutely love peacock feathers, so I am very happy to see them in this work.

(trying very hard to be patient)



Thank you very much for your feedback Pedro, Ceinwen, Lena and Colt, much appreciated :slight_smile:

About the picture : I have now a new idea, I want to make her look blind so the serval cat is her guide, her “eyes”. I want to add contrast between a perfect landscape, a beautiful and warm place and the blind but beautiful woman, I don’t know if it’s a good idea but I like it and it makes the picture look more interesting to me…

Thanks a lot once again!


Just one world: Wow!


Absolutely right!
seems very interesing. although a little scary… but not much… that take equilibrium with the cat eyes… love the jewelry paintings, go for the next step…!!


Wow, Diane! I love the idea of making her blind, and I also love that butterfly!

Can’t wait to see more!